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A Sneak Peek of the Environmental Review ArcGIS Solution

A sneak peek of Environmental Review, an ArcGIS Solution that can be used to evaluate environmental impacts of proposed projects and solicit feedback from stakeholders. This ArcGIS Solution is…

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Getting to Know the Parks and Grounds Management Solution

Explore how the Parks and Grounds Management ArcGIS Solution delivers a set of capabilities that help parks and grounds agencies inventory assets, understand asset condition, and communicate changing…

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WhereNext Fast Four—Supplying the Demand

Population growth and the new energy economy have created massive demand for natural resources. To fill this demand, natural resources companies can tap new techniques to work smarter and more…

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Introduction to ArcGIS Pro: Considerations when Migrating from ArcMap

Are you currently transitioning ArcMap workflows into ArcGIS Pro? Come join your Department of Interior colleagues in camaraderie for the first in the Migration to ArcGIS Pro webinar series to…

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Streamlining Regulatory Workflows for More Resilient Communities

Learn how GIS enables us to streamline our regulatory processes and move beyond a compliance mindset to contribute to a healthier and more sustainable future. Hear how your peers are implementing GIS…

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ArcGIS Solutions: Conservation and Natural Resources

This session will provide an overview of a set of natural resource and fish and wildlife solutions that help local and state governments conserve natural resources and promote outdoor recreational…

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How does the public take advantage of your tools and data?

California Natural Resources Agency’s Deputy Director Dr. Jen Norris describes how maps can power localized conservation efforts.

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Providing access to nature

California Natural Resources Agency’s Deputy Director Dr. Jen Norris describes their efforts to prioritize community access to nature.

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Protecting Natural Resources with ArcGIS

Utah's Department of Natural Resources describes how Esri technology is helping them prepare for the expansion of settlements into their state's wild spaces.

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GIS for Environmental Regulation

Environmental agencies are tasked with keeping our environment and communities safe from harmful pollutants. They use GIS to assess project impacts, inform policy and provide guidance, facilitate…

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GIS for Land and Wildlife Management

Land management agencies protect our communities’ natural and cultural resources. Understanding the relationships between ecosystems and our impacts on them requires a geographic approach. With…

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California Natural Resources Agency

California 30x30 – CA Nature The State of California is committed to conserving 30 percent of its lands and coastal waters by 2030 to protect the State's extraordinary biodiversity while…

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Montana Forest Action Plan - 2020 User Conference

See how the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation is using Esri's ArcGIS Hub to bring together information on forest conditions and wildfire risk to build collaboration among…

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GIS Helps Keep Wildlife on the Map

Hundreds of years ago, elk were distributed across the entire U.S. Today, their range covers just a handful of states. The Nevada Department of Wildlife is working hard to preserve the elk…

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Where to Look When You Need Data: Embracing a GIS-Centric Digital Twin to Run Your Community

Part of the Esri State & Local Connect series: A digital twin is a virtual representation of current conditions in a community—economic status, traffic conditions,…

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Esri User Conference 2021 – Tennessee State Parks: COVID-19 Response & Long-Term Impacts

As part of the Environment & Natural Resources Special Interest Group meeting at the 2021 Esri User Conference, Tennessee State Parks shares how their COVID-19 response work has fueled their web…

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