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WhereNext Fast Four—Supplying the Demand

Population growth and the new energy economy have created massive demand for natural resources. To fill this demand, natural resources companies can tap new techniques to work smarter and more…

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WhereNext Webcast 10: Exploring the Business Trend of Spatial Thinking

How do Amazon, FedEx, and Marriott incorporate spatial thinking into everyday business decisions and long-term strategies? The answers may surprise you. This WhereNext webcast reveals how spatial…

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WhereNext Fast Four--Retail Crime

In this short WhereNext Fast Four interview, Esri's Gary Sankary explains how a geographic approach offers companies a new way to address retail crime.

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WhereNext Fast Four on Energy

Esri's Brian Boulmay joins the WhereNext Fast Four to discuss a digital evolution of the oil and gas buisines. Compartiely simple questions from the industry's past—like where to…

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WhereNext Webcast 9—The Rise of Sustainable Sourcing

Companies are increasingly focused on what goes into their products and how to make them more sustainable. From manufacturing to agriculture, today's innovators are thinking beyond lower costs…

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WhereNext Webcast 8—The New Analyst and the Supply Chain

New techniques for managing the supply chain are emering from innovative companies like GM, Rehrig Pacific, and EHDD. WhereNext editor Chris Chiappinelli speaks to these pioneering companies about…

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A New Road Map for Risk and Resilience

In the face of storms, security challenges, and a changing climate, executives and analysts are eager to strengthen their companies against disruption. Resilience begins with visibility into…

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WhereNext Webcast: The Surprising Ways GIS Supports Sustainability

When the world demands sustainable practices, how does a company respond? Some are identifying ways to use less energy, design more efficient distribution routes, reduce dependence on natural…

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WhereNext Fast Four Retail in Focus

Traditionally, retailers took a geographic approach to finding their best customers. The same practice applies when customers go online. In this Fast Four video, Esri’s Gary Sankary…

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WhereNext Fast Four—Utilities

Utility companies face two major imperatives—the need to maintain customer service as volatile weather threatens critical assets, and the challenge of shrinking carbon footprints to deliver…

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Mapping Two Sides of Sustainability—Reduction and Resilience: A WhereNext Webcast`

On this webcast, the WhereNext team asks thought leaders how they approach two key aspects of sustainability—reducing negative impacts on the natural world while strengthening resilience to…

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Sales by location over recent quarters

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