Championing GIS

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  • From Christina Sullivan

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    Hear from customers in the commercial, utilities and telecommunications markets who have achieved business results and accelerated the time to value on their GIS…
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    Exploring What Matters Spanning France and Switzerland, CERN is home to the world’s largest particle physics laboratory and the Large Hadron Collider.  To…

Event Highlights

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    Jack Dangermond opens the Esri UC 2022 by sharing the impactful work of GIS professionals, and showing how GIS is enabling positive change in the world we live. Esri…
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    Mapping Common Ground is creating agreed-upon understanding that creates a foundation for action. Hear Jack Dangermond share his vision for GIS and a call to action for…
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    Take a tour of ArcGIS and its powerful capabilities for developing rich content, conducting spatial analysis, collecting data in the field, and sharing across an…

Industry Highlights

  • From Bryan Hollis

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    Like many cities across Europe, Prague is facing the consequences of climate change. The rise in temperature harms plants and trees, and threatens the health of the…
  • From Bryan Hollis

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    Focusing on real-time coordination helps emergency response teams keep up with rising demand in Matosinhos, where wildfires are a growing threat.
  • From Carly Scholte

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    Rail passengers in the Netherlands are expected to increase 30% by 2030, but there’s no open space to build new lines. To prepare for the next generation of…

What's New in ArcGIS

  • From Dmaia Curry

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    Many exciting new features are now available with the June 2022 release of the ArcGIS Field Maps web and mobile apps. Watch this video to learn more about these…
  • From ArcGIS AppStudio

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    We are excited to announce the release of ArcGIS AppStudio version 5.4. This release is includes enhancements and bug fixes to help you create cross-platform native apps…
  • From Princess Guzman

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    Check out what's new in the June 2022 ArcGIS Online Update! Highlights include feature layer previews, symbol layers in Map Viewer, new social sharing experience in…

Product Introductions

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