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Introduction to ArcGIS Pro: Considerations when Migrating from ArcMap

Are you currently transitioning ArcMap workflows into ArcGIS Pro? Come join your Department of Interior colleagues in camaraderie for the first in the Migration to ArcGIS Pro webinar series to…

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Streamlining Regulatory Workflows for More Resilient Communities

Learn how GIS enables us to streamline our regulatory processes and move beyond a compliance mindset to contribute to a healthier and more sustainable future. Hear how your peers are implementing GIS…

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ArcGIS Solutions: Conservation and Natural Resources

This session will provide an overview of a set of natural resource and fish and wildlife solutions that help local and state governments conserve natural resources and promote outdoor recreational…

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Ecology and Conservation Modeling in ArcGIS

The increased availability of species occurrence records and detailed environmental data provides opportunities to better understand species' spatial use patterns, biodiversity, and changing…

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Balancing Population Growth and Agricultural Conservation in Utah County, Utah

The State of Utah is at a crossroads with an explosive population growth rate coupled with a severe drought that is impacting the western U.S. Our project seeks to create a new town of 50,000 people…

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Rachel Tustin - December 2018 Winner

A seventh grade teacher uses ArcGIS Online in her environmental studies class

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Lindsay Smith - October 2018 Winner

K-12 environmental science teacher uses ArcGIS and GeoInquiries to teach diverse students and subjects

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Mapping America's National Parks | Official Esri Press Trailer

See how the US National Park Service uses maps and geographic analysis to preserve and protect America's greatest idea—the national parks—in "Mapping America's National…

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Winn and Doug the Waterdrops: A Water Cycle and Wastewater Story | Official Esri Press Trailer

Follow Winn and Doug on the incredible journey of water—through the water cycle all the way to wastewater treatment and back again.Have you ever wondered where the water in your house comes…

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Protecting the Places We Love | Official Esri Press Trailer

Bold conservation goals require strategic action. See how geospatial data and modern applications can improve your existing conservation efforts, big and small, in "Protecting the Places We…

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NAEP Esri GIS Day Webinar 2022

Creating a more sustainable, equitable, and resilient future is the goal we all strive to achieve. Environmental professionals have long been spearheading these efforts, whether through biological…

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GIS for Environmental Regulation

Environmental agencies are tasked with keeping our environment and communities safe from harmful pollutants. They use GIS to assess project impacts, inform policy and provide guidance, facilitate…

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GIS for Land and Wildlife Management

Land management agencies protect our communities’ natural and cultural resources. Understanding the relationships between ecosystems and our impacts on them requires a geographic approach. With…

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Leveraging Data and Technology to Provide Life-Saving Insights

The core values of the fire service are to protect lives, property, and the environment through preparedness, prevention, public education, and emergency response. Fire service leaders want to…

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What the Infrastructure Bill Means for Environmental Organizations and How GIS Can Help

The urgency to adapt to climate change is accelerating. This is also shaping policy, which asks us to be more sensitive to environmental and social impacts. Environmental organizations are challenged…

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Conversations with Jack Dangermond: Plant-for-the-Planet

Jack Dangermond, Founder and President of the Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri), and Felix Finkbeiner Founder of Plant-for-the-Planet discuss practical solutions to the climate crises…

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