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GIS for AEC in 5 min S2E7 - Biodiversity Pre-Construction Planning

This episode explores how to plan more effectively in pre-construction for biodiversity focusing on topology rules.

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GIS for AEC in 5 min S2E6 - Workflows with ArcGIS for AutoCAD & ArcGIS Field Maps

This episode explores field workflows and how the ArcGIS for AutoCAD plugin and ArcGIS Field Maps simplify the consumption, creation, and sharing of GIS content for CAD and GIS professionals.

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GIS for AEC in 5 min S2E5 - Digitize AEC Field Operations

Learn how digitalization of your field data collection workflows can boost productivity and make accessing information easier. In this episode of the AEC in 5 minutes, Javier showcases a workflow…

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GIS for AEC in 5 min S2E4 - Project Workflows

In this episode, you'll learn how you can use ArcGIS Data Pipelines, ArcGIS Experience Builder and ArcGIS Notebooks to create project workflows that can help centralize project management data,…

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Esri AEC Community Webinar - May 2024 - Architecture Design

Marc Goldman and Renia Kagkou dive into the transformative role of GIS in architecture with Gautam Sundaram with Perkins&Will.

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GIS for AEC in 5 min S2E3 - Navigating Esri Certifications

Esri has developed certifications for all level of users, from our foundation exams with zero to two years of experience, through our professional with over four years of experience. Watch now to…

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GIS for AEC in 5 min S2E2 - Esri Academy

Esri Academy is a comprehensive platform that offers a wide range of resources for learning and improving your GIS knowledge. It provides access to classes, e-learning courses, learning plans, and…

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GIS for AEC in 5 min S2E1 - Prepare AEC Projects with Data Engineering

All projects are susceptible to errors in data that can lead to delays and costly mistakes. ArcGIS Pro now has Data Engineering tools to help you clean up and organize your data. Format fields,…

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Esri AEC Community Webinar - January 2024 - Trends

Esri's Marc Goldman discusses GIS Trends in Engineering and Construction with AEC GIS Heroes Jodie M. Gosselin, GISP (Dawood Engineering, Inc.) and Zach Jaffe, LSIT (Map I.T.). Watch Jodie…

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What's new in the 430 release of ArcGIS for AutoCAD

ArcGIS for AutoCAD v430 enables multiuser editing workflows via branch versioning and an extension that streamlines QC of CAD floor plans.

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Esri AEC Community Webinar - Trends

Esri's Marc Goldman, Kris Hirte, and Clay Starr are joined by Todd Danielson with V1 Media and Brian Skripac with Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) in a conversation on industry and GIS…

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GIS for AEC in 5 min S1E14 -Workforce Development Planning

Workforce development made easy: in this video, Marc Weniger, Senior Training Solutions Consultant, explains a simple yet effective system to develop a workforce development plan for your staff…

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GIS for AEC in 5 min S1E13 - 3D Context 3 Ways

Starting your design process with information about the existing site and surrounding context is important for guiding better decision-making. Renia Kagkou presents three different workflows for…

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Optimizing Asset Management with Digital Twin Technology and GIS

Explore how Digital Twin technology and GIS integrate to optimize asset management, enabling predictive maintenance and cost reduction. Learn how the use of ArcGIS Enterprise as a crucial platform…

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ArcGIS Enterprise Portal for Emission Reduction & Stormwater Management

This session showcases ArcGIS Enterprise Portal's impact on stormwater management, enabling real-time data review and comprehensive asset registry. Additionally, learn how it aids emission…

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Data-Driven Street Sweeping & Mobile GIS Workflow for Storm Readiness

Learn how GIS delivers a positive impact on urban street sweeping, optimizing services with data-driven approaches for fair and transparent operations. Additionally, explore a university's…

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