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Optimizing Asset Management with Digital Twin Technology and GIS

Explore how Digital Twin technology and GIS integrate to optimize asset management, enabling predictive maintenance and cost reduction. Learn how the use of ArcGIS Enterprise as a crucial platform…

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ArcGIS Enterprise Portal for Emission Reduction & Stormwater Management

This session showcases ArcGIS Enterprise Portal's impact on stormwater management, enabling real-time data review and comprehensive asset registry. Additionally, learn how it aids emission…

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Data-Driven Street Sweeping & Mobile GIS Workflow for Storm Readiness

Learn how GIS delivers a positive impact on urban street sweeping, optimizing services with data-driven approaches for fair and transparent operations. Additionally, explore a university's…

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Transformative Integration of BIM and GIS for Smart Building Construction

Explores the powerful combination of BIM and GIS in constructing concrete silos with self-sliding formwork, enabling precise positioning, real-time monitoring, and optimized resource management.…

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Leveraging GIS for BIM Models and Abandoned Mine Monitoring

In this session, discover an in-house developed Information Center that integrates BIM Models and GIS databases for non-GIS experts, linking project information like progress, budget, and…

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Geo-Enabled Solutions for Pipeline and Transmission Line Projects

In this session, see geo-enabled solutions for pipeline and transmission line projects. Examples include a land management GIS portal optimizing efficiency for a 100-mile Illinois pipeline, and an…

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Optimizing Environmental Processes & Social Impacts with GIS

Join us to learn how environmental GIS optimized processes for large-scale linear AEC projects, and how GIS data and tools enabled the first GIS Investigation of Multivalent Urban and Social Factors…

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Leveraging GIS Solutions to Meet Regulations

Hear how GIS technology is used in environmental management for water quality assessment and meeting regulatory requirements.

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Using Artificial Intelligence to Evaluate Infrastructure Conditions

AI can be used in collaboration with GIS tools for network inventory and to create a digital twin to visualize the assets and network.

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Decarbonizing the Built Environment with GIS

This internal Esri research project evaluated building forms and their potential for utilizing passive energy strategies, accounting for additional energy usage and operational carbon output…

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Build Immersive AEC Project Digital Twins that Support Infrastructure Lifecycle

Join Nearmap and 1898 & Co. to learn how high-resolution imagery and derived 3D mesh, point cloud, and DSM/DTM set the stage for 3D design and immersive digital twins that support AEC project…

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AEC Design Strategy

BIM has become increasingly important in the design strategy of the AEC firms. BIM is a process that allows for seamless sharing of information across the asset lifecycle, ensuring data continuity…

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Top 5 Industry Trends for AEC and Environmental Consulting

The sector of AEC and Environmental Consulting is expanding. In addition to the normal demand for infrastructure construction, the world's ongoing transformation is generating new challenges…

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AEC Industry Keynote

Join the Esri AEC team and industry leaders to learn how Esri is improving the way our world is built and managed. This session will include an overview of how ArcGIS is being applied to address…

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Esri AEC GIS Heroes: Hesham Gamal Gaafar

Hesham Gamal Gaafar, who was nominated in 2022, shares his experience as an Esri AEC GIS Hero.

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GIS for AEC in 5 min S1E12 - Oriented Imagery

Imagery captured by crews in the field using mobile devices, 360° cameras and drones, can be leveraged as Oriented Imagery to enhance AEC projects. Using Oriented Imagery, project teams can…

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