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Informing Resilience Planning with Accessible Climate Data 

At the 2023 Esri Public Sector CIO Summit, Pat Cummens and Dan Pisut will explore how GIS can help your organization prepare for climate impacts through a data-driven approach.

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From Climate Data to Climate Services

Fernleaf partners with esri, NOAA, and many other federal agencies to use many facets of GIS to integrate large amounts of data at multiple scales to provide climate services to community decision…

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GIS for Land and Wildlife Management

Land management agencies protect our communities’ natural and cultural resources. Understanding the relationships between ecosystems and our impacts on them requires a geographic approach. With…

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What the Infrastructure Bill Means for Environmental Organizations and How GIS Can Help

The urgency to adapt to climate change is accelerating. This is also shaping policy, which asks us to be more sensitive to environmental and social impacts. Environmental organizations are challenged…

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Esri’s Solution for Emergency Management Operations

Esri's Emergency Management Operations Solution is a fully integrated system that allows you, your team, and unlimited partner agencies to maintain shared situational awareness at all points…

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Shadow Impact Analysis Tutorial for ArcGIS Pro

Shadow Impact Analysis is a configuration of ArcGIS Pro that can be used by planners to assess the potential shadow impact of the proposed development on the surrounding community. For example…

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Tracking COVID-19: A Defining Moment for the World of Health and Data

Public data is having a moment. Hear from Beth Blauer, Executive Director of the Centers for Civic Impact on how the work of her team is using data to influence personal, policy and scientific…

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Discuss the Flood Impact Analysis Solution

We discussed how the new Flood Impact Analysis Solution could be used by emergency management, planning, and public works staff to develop flooding scenarios and visualize the impact of flooding on…

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Real-Time GIS and Analytics for Health & Human Services

This meetup explores how real-time GIS tools can be used in the health industry. Pull social media feeds, follow weather patterns, monitor field workers, and observe the impact of the live data as it…

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Environmental Screening

The Environmental Screening solution enables interested parties to understand potential implications to environmentally sensitive species and protected/managed lands. The solution also enables…

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Environmental Impact Public Comment

Environmental Impact Public Comment is a configuration of ArcGIS that allows the general public and other interested parties to comment on projects being proposed by transportation, environmental, or…

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Environmental Impact Briefing

The Environmental Impact Briefing application can be used by environmental agencies and departments to share methods and results of environmental impact assessments. When configured with the data…

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Environmental Analysis

Environmental Analysis is a configuration of ArcGIS that helps scientists, planners, and other analysts to understand the potential impact of development and other projects on the natural…

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