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WhereNext Fast Four—Supplying the Demand

Population growth and the new energy economy have created massive demand for natural resources. To fill this demand, natural resources companies can tap new techniques to work smarter and more…

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WhereNext Fast Four--Retail Crime

In this short WhereNext Fast Four interview, Esri's Gary Sankary explains how a geographic approach offers companies a new way to address retail crime.

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WhereNext Fast Four on Energy

Esri's Brian Boulmay joins the WhereNext Fast Four to discuss a digital evolution of the oil and gas buisines. Compartiely simple questions from the industry's past—like where to…

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WhereNext Fast Four Manufacturing

One Fortune 200 manufacturer is using location intelligence to adjust its service territories, helping technicians navigate to the right customer at the right time. Another is using location analysis…

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WhereNext Fast Four Supply Chain

In this WhereNext Fast Four video, Esri’s Cindy Elliott explains how companies managing some of the world’s largest supply chains use certain practices to insulate themselves against risk…

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WhereNext Fast Four—Logistics and Transportation

Route optimization may sound like the simple act of moving more quickly between point A and point B, but as Esri’s Agata Miszczyk explains in this Fast Four video, logistics and…

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WhereNext Fast Four--Renewable Energy

What's the connection between cryptocurrency and renewable energy? How are wind and solar firms using location intelligence to get smarter about health and safety—while scouting new…

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WhereNext Fast Four: Banking and Finance in Focus

Esri banking expert Alex Martonik shares his view on how the industry is grappling with issues of equity and climate change, and how standout companies have used location intelligence to navigate…

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WhereNext Fast Four Retail in Focus

Traditionally, retailers took a geographic approach to finding their best customers. The same practice applies when customers go online. In this Fast Four video, Esri’s Gary Sankary…

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WhereNext Fast Four—Utilities

Utility companies face two major imperatives—the need to maintain customer service as volatile weather threatens critical assets, and the challenge of shrinking carbon footprints to deliver…

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WhereNext Fast Four AEC

WhereNext editor Chris Chiappinelli and Esri AEC manager Marc Goldman examine recent innovations that have distinguished the AEC industry—and those that will drive a massive…

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