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Marriott International: Where Can We Take You?

With over 9000 properties in 139 countries, Marriott International highlights innovative solutions for managing corporate security and mitigating risk and how they are advancing their property…

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Washington-Liberty High School

The Virginia Geospatial Semester is a 20-year-old spatial education project of James Madison University, enabling 25 High Schools across northern Virginia, including Washington-Liberty High School.…

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An Enterprise Approach to Support Resilience Planning - Esri

At the 2024 Esri Public Sector CIO Summit, Pat Cummens and Dan Pisut from Esri showcase the data and tools that are available to understand, plan for, and address climate impacts.…

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Esri Community Member Spotlight: Ellie Hakari

Ellie Hakari is a GIS Analyst III who followed a non-traditional path to her role at the State of Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities. There, she works to protect the integrity…

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Identifying Climate Risk and Opportunity: The Climate Mapping and Resilience Adaptation Portal

Governments are actively working to identify climate hazards that are impacting their communities now and into the future. While numerous federal funding opportunities exist to mitigate current and…

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Streamlining Regulatory Workflows for More Resilient Communities

Learn how GIS enables us to streamline our regulatory processes and move beyond a compliance mindset to contribute to a healthier and more sustainable future. Hear how your peers are implementing GIS…

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Imagery as a Key to Understanding Our World

Amos Desjardins, the Data Inspection, Enhancement, and Delivery Section Chief at USDA, discusses the critical importance of imagery to gain true understanding and help explain complex problems.

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Using Historical Imagery to Spot Changes in Our World

Amos Desjardins, the Data Inspection, Enhancement, and Delivery Section Chief at USDA, discusses the place of historical data in seeing land use changes.

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Making NASA Data More Accessible with Esri Software

Dr. “Stinger” Gerald Guala of NASA’s Earth Science Division discusses how they are working with Esri to make data more accessible.

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Machine Learning and Imagery

Co-Founder/CEO of Impact Observatory Dr. Steve Brumby discusses the future of machine learning in the imagery space.

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Partnering With Esri

Co-Founder/CEO of Impact Observatory Dr. Steve Brumby shares how partnering with Esri makes a difference for decision makers.

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Power of Mapping in Near Real Time

Co-Founder/CEO of Impact Observatory Dr. Steve Brumby discusses the need for real-time maps for decision makers.

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Geodesign for Technologists

Reversing climate change on Earth is the most important geodesign problem. The International Geodesign Collaboration, with the Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development, Geodesign hub and…

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Intersection Between Natural Hazards, Climate Change and Renewable Energy

Deployment of clean, renewable energy at scale is a critical strategy to combat climate change. At the same time, we are seeing growing losses from natural hazard impacts as climate change increases…

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An optimistic outlook on the climate

AT&T’s AVP Global Environmental Sustainability, Shannon Thomas Carroll, shares his outlook on the future of the climate.

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How does the public take advantage of your tools and data?

California Natural Resources Agency’s Deputy Director Dr. Jen Norris describes how maps can power localized conservation efforts.

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