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ArcGIS Urban API

ArcGIS Urban provides a comprehensive set of 3D tools for collaborative, data-driven urban planning. Part of this toolset is available to developers as the ArcGIS Urban API. In this session, you will…

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ArcGIS Urban API

ArcGIS Urban provides a comprehensive set of 3D tools for smart city planning. Part of this toolset is available to developers as the ArcGIS Urban API. In this session, we will explore the Urban API,…

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Modernizing Local Government with ArcGIS Hub

Johns Creek, Georgia, used GIS to prove that small towns can also be smart cities.

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Smarter Government Book and Workbook | Official Esri Press Trailer

See how former Maryland governor Martin O'Malley presents a model for performance management for organizations in Smarter Government. His anecdotes, approach, and insight also translate into the…

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2022 SES @ Esri UC: Italian Rail

Luigi Contestabile, Head of Sustainability at Trenitalia S.p.A. discusses the approach of using GIS as a smart transportation system and how Italian Rail is innovating and achieving their smart goals…

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2022 SES @ Esri UC: City of San Diego, California

Mayor Todd Gloria has an ambitious plan to address equity challenges across the City of San Diego, California. At the 2022 Senior Executive Summit @ Esri UC, he is joined by Kim Desmond, the…

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[Esri France] ArcGIS Hub

Présenté par Gaetan Lavenu Changez votre façon d’impliquer vos concitoyens et d’interagir avec eux au sein de votre collectivité ArcGIS Hub vous propose une…

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Smart Zwolle Hub

The municipality of Zwolle works with ArcGIS Hub. Zwolle is a dynamic city in which a lot of data is generated and they want to apply the intelligence in that data.

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Applying Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to Real-World Problems

Beth Stagner, CIO and Jim Alberque, GIS & Emerging Technology Manager from City of Raleigh, NC demonstrate how they are leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities with…

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Escondido: Running a Smarter City with Hub Technology

See how the City of Escondido, California is using ArcGIS Hub to connect and share information with their community. They are able to engage and collaborate with their residents, local businesses,…

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City of Pasadena: Everyday Ingenuity

Named the “crown of the valley,” Pasadena has developed over the last 145 years into one of Southern California’s most livable and innovative communities. The City of Pasadena…

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Esri Case Study: Johns Creek, Georgia

For more information about Smart Communities, please visit: The city of Johns Creek, Georgia was looking at some of the major cities across the country and the amazing things…

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Enabling Smart Cities and Communities with GIS

Developing a real smart community is easy with GIS. Dominik Tarolli, Esri explore the Esri Smart Community Information System, a geospatial technology that meets the four major pillars a smart…

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Lightning Talk: City of Johns Creek, Georgia

Imagine, rather than typing out questions about the specific zoning on a property or the crime rate around your neighborhood, that you were to ask your virtual assistant. That is exactly what the…

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Performance Management and Insights

We are surrounded by data. How can you make sense of it all, and better yet, leverage it to manage and improve your performance. Rachel Weeden, Esri explores how the city of Southlake, Texas gained a…

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The State of GIS

Esri president and founder Jack Dangermond explores the vision and future of GIS for state and local governments to kick off the 2019 Esri Public Sector CIO Summit. For more information, please…

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