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Taking GIS Indoors: Getting Started with Facilities & Vertical Assets Management

This workshop will span the steps utilities are beginning to undertake to visualize and analyze their facilities in 3D space. We will cover a broad range of topics, from preparing and generating 3D…

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Building an ArcGIS 3D Strategy for Infrastructure Projects

Join us in this session as we explore the evolution of ArcGIS from 2D to 3D. Discover the latest updates from Esri that support this transition and learn how minor workflow updates can kickstart your…

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Geospatial in the Metaverse

For many years geospatial users have been building 3d scenes and worlds for various use cases: replicating the physical world - as a digital twin, modeling various scenarios using geo design…

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I3S - Evolution of an OGC 3D Streaming Standard & Adoption in the FOSS Community

I3S is an open format for streaming massive 3D geospatial content. Adopted by Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), the latest update, I3S OGC 1.3 dramatically improves performance and scalability and…

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ArcGIS Earth Dock Customization

See how you can customize your dock in ArcGIS Earth 2.0.

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Feature Service Editing in ArcGIS Earth 2.0

See how to edit feature services in ArcGIS Earth 2.0.

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ArcGIS Earth Movie

See how to create your own ArcGIS Earth movie in ArcGIS Earth Desktop 2.0!

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Whats New in ArcGIS Earth Desktop 2.0

Check out ArcGIS Earth's new features in desktop 2.0. See how to create your own ArcGIS Earth Movie, edit feature services, and easily customize your dock!

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ArcGIS Earth: An Introduction

ArcGIS Earth provides a no-cost, lightweight, easy-to-use interface for an immersive 3D experience that complements ArcGIS Pro's and Scene Viewer's capabilities. Explore geospatial data…

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Integrating GIS and BIM for Project and Operations

Improvements to 3D capabilities in ArcGIS, direct integrations of BIM files, and cloud-to-cloud integration with ArcGIS GeoBIM enable AEC consultants and owner/operators to visualize, monitor, and…

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ArcGIS GeoBIM: An Introduction

ArcGIS GeoBIM delivers an easy-to-use web-based experience for project teams to explore and collaborate on BIM projects using data from multiple systems in a geospatial context. AEC and Operations…

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ArcGIS: Extended Reality(XR)

Attend this session to get an overview of Esri’s vision of how extended reality applies to GIS. We’ll discuss how Esri technology can power augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)…

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ArcGIS 3D Analyst: An Introduction to Surface Analysis

An overview of the TIN, Terrain dataset, LAS dataset, and raster surfaces that can be created with the 3D Analyst extension and the analysis operations that can be achieved with those surfaces.…

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ArcGIS 3D Analyst: LiDAR and Integrated Mesh

This workshop will cover workflows and best practices on integrating lidar and integrated mesh data into your desktop and online 3D web scenes, including using the point cloud and integrated mesh I3S…

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ArcGIS Reality

Konrad Wenzel and Juhan Yoon take us all on a tour of Cambridge using reality mapping and the new ArcGIS Reality suite of products. ArcGIS Reality is a new suite of reality mapping products designed…

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City of Cambridge, MA

The City of Cambridge has a rich history with a wide variety of communities from residential to businesses, to the renowned educational institutions of Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute…

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