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Esri Community Member Spotlight: Ellie Hakari

Ellie Hakari is a GIS Analyst III who followed a non-traditional path to her role at the State of Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities. There, she works to protect the integrity…

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User Ideas in ArcGIS Pro 3.2

ArcGIS Ideas is where users can search, vote, comment, and submit requests for what they would like to see in future versions of ArcGIS. ArcGIS Pro 3.2 incorporates over 100 user Ideas, with more…

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Esri Community Member Spotlight: Doug Browning

Doug Browning is a Geospatial Data Systems Architect contractor with the Sanborn Map Company. As the creator and manager of workflows that combine complex ArcGIS Survey123 forms, ArcGIS Field Maps,…

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Esri Community Highlights and Wins from 2022

Esri Community has been awarded Best-in-Class Community and Outstanding Advocacy Program by industry leaders Khoros and The Community Roundtable. These awards honor excellence in the Esri Community…

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The Esri Community Maps Basemap Factory

This video provides an overview of how community-contributed authoritative content becomes a part of Esri's Basemaps.

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Esri Community Member Spotlight: Hussam Al Jabri

Hussam Al Jabri is a GIS Lead with a large city infrastructure building company in Saudi Arabia, where he focuses on the business’s electric distribution tier. In this work, Hussam brings with…

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The Esri Community Maps Basemap Factory

This video provides an overview of how community-contributed authoritative content becomes a part of Esri's Basemaps. Learn about the Basemap Factory, and tour the Data’s…

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ArcGIS Hub: Collaborating and Engaging Your Community on Projects

ArcGIS Hub helps organizations collaborate and engage with their communities. In this session, you will learn how to manage and organize real-world projects and initiatives, communicate progress…

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What's New in ArcGIS Hub June 2023 and Road Ahead

ArcGIS Hub is a Cloud-based engagement platform that helps you work more effectively with your community. The latest release of ArcGIS Hub introduces exciting tools for community engagement. Learn…

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How well do you really know the communities you serve?

What if you had a totally different way of understanding your community? The geographic approach offers greater awareness about a community's thoughts, needs, behaviors, and circumstances. In…

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3 Strategies For Practical Digital Engagement in Urban Planning

ArcGIS Urban and ArcGIS Hub provide a fresh approach increasing flexibility and accessibility for more inclusive community decision-making.

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CMP What's New in Community Maps Data Delivery

This video highlights the latest updates to Esri Community Maps Data delivery -- Including changes in the Data Prep Tools, and Service delivery through the Contributor App. It was released in June…

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Multi-scalar Geodesign in Minnesota: D4CR Pilot Project Report

For over three years, the Design for Community Regeneration (D4CR) team has been piloting a Geodesign model for transformative systems change in Minnesota. This model envisions connecting local to…

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Incorporating GIS into Emergency Response

The SAFER initiative in the City of Frisco, TX is a unique pre-plan program providing first responders with real-time data and video before they arrive to an incident. Through this work, they were…

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Esri Community Member Spotlight: Jonathan Dandois

Jonathan Dandois PhD, GISP is the GIS Manager for Facilities & Real Estate at the Johns Hopkins University. He manages the department's ArcGIS Enterprise products—the foundation that…

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Esri Community Member Spotlight: Brandon Adcock

Brandon Adcock became its champion at the California Department of Public Health's Food and Drug branch, where he's investigated foodborne illnesses for over a decade in its Emergency…

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