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Getting started with the Esri's ArcGIS Places service

Places, also known as points of interest (POIs), are businesses and geographic locations that you can discover around the world. To find places, you can use Esri's ArcGIS Places service. This…

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ArcPy: Extending Network Analyst Using Custom Evaluators and Custom Directions

In this session, we will provide an introductory overview of custom evaluators and custom directions, focusing on their implementation and usage. The session will cover the fundamental concepts and…

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ArcGIS Online: Best Practices with Hosted Feature Services

In this session, you will learn how to make effective use of Hosted Feature Services in your apps. Learn how to take advantage of the feature service REST API to make your app more performant, more…

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ArcGIS Online: Best Practices for Publishing and Maintaining Large Datasets

Learn about the various technologies used behind the scenes by ArcGIS Online and the ArcGIS API for JavaScript that help you work with more features in the browser. You'll see how to load,…

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John Foster: 2 demos with Places service and Basemaps Service Language features

Discover how you can use the language features for Places and Basemaps Service

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The Developer Story

Esri's Product Manager for Developer Technologies, David Cardella, leads a discussion and demonstration of the ArcGIS Developer Story. He provides an overview of what ArcGIS has to offer for…

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Service layer enhancements in ArcGIS Pro

The ArcGIS Pro 3.2 release introduces enhancements to the experience of working with services in ArcGIS Pro.

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The Hunt for Lead: Using Web Maps & Apps for Lead Service Line Identification

Learn how the City of Oklahoma City has strategically worked to identify lead service lines. City staff discuss their pilot program and demonstrate mobile and web-based mapping applications being…

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Telecommunciations Solution: Communications Service Availability

For more information, please visit

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Identifying and Managing Lead Service Lines

In this session, presenters will discuss the benefits of using GIS for identifying and managing lead services lines in water distribution systems. Join this session to discover workflows for reducing…

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ArcGIS for AutoCAD: An Overview

You’ll learn how the ArcGIS for AutoCAD plug-in for AutoCAD lets you create better GIS content using CAD. In this session, you'll notice how the AutoCAD designer becomes an active…

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City of Raleigh, NC

At the 2023 Senior Executive Summit @ Esri UC, Mark Wittenburg, CIO, Beth Stagner, Assistant IT Director, and Jim Alberque, GIS and Emerging Technology Manager at the City of Raleigh, NC highlight…

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City of Tacoma, WA

At the 2023 Senior Executive Summit @ Esri UC, Daniel Key, IT Director and Grace Brosnon, Chief Technology Officer for City of Tacoma, Washington showcase their strategic equity plan that stresses a…

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Pioneering Modern Approaches to Homelessness

Emily Vaughn Henry, Deputy CIO for Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), showcases their work to conduct the largest-scale annual homeless Point-in-Time Count at the 2023 Esri Public…

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Exploring the Role of IT to Address Equity

At the 2023 Esri Public Sector CIO Summit, Daniel Key, IT Director and Grace Brosnon, CTO from the City of Tacoma, WA showcase their strategic equity plan that stresses a geospatial approach to…

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Transforming Government: An Enterprise Story

The City of Raleigh, NC takes next-generation GIS applications to a new level. Whether it be digital twin, equity, real-time operations, or artificial intelligence, the city is innovating and…

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