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The ArcGIS Well-Architected Framework

You are about to build a system using ArcGIS. Where do you start? Visit the ArcGIS Architecture Center to find a set of concepts, patterns, and best practices for designing, building, and…

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Introducing the ArcGIS Well-Architected Framework

Join this session to learn about the new ArcGIS Well-Architected Framework and ArcGIS Architecture Center website. This session is recommended for IT and GIS professionals who are designing,…

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IT System Integrations with ArcGIS Platform

There will be no maps in this session. Instead, we will illustrate how you can use ArcGIS Platform services and REST JS to geo-enable the non-ArcGIS systems your users or customers interact with…

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The State of GIS - Jack Dangermond

Esri president and founder Jack Dangermond kicks off the 2024 Esri Public Sector CIO Summit, focusing on the role CIOs and IT leaders have in managing enterprise GIS solutions and addressing…

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Pioneering Modern Approaches to Homelessness

Emily Vaughn Henry, Deputy CIO for Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), showcases their work to conduct the largest-scale annual homeless Point-in-Time Count at the 2023 Esri Public…

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Exploring the Role of IT to Address Equity

At the 2023 Esri Public Sector CIO Summit, Daniel Key, IT Director and Grace Brosnon, CTO from the City of Tacoma, WA showcase their strategic equity plan that stresses a geospatial approach to…

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Transforming Government: An Enterprise Story

The City of Raleigh, NC takes next-generation GIS applications to a new level. Whether it be digital twin, equity, real-time operations, or artificial intelligence, the city is innovating and…

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The State of GIS

Esri president and founder Jack Dangermond kicks off the 2023 Esri Public Sector CIO Summit with insight into the emerging role government and IT leaders are playing in addressing the human…

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Ensuring Your GIS is Secure

Esri's Chief Information Security Officer Michael Young discusses how Esri is working to address security concerns and the critical government responsibilities that are frequently overlooked and…

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Designing & Operating Enterprise Systems

At the 2023 Esri Public Sector CIO Summit, Witt Mathot will provide insight into enterprise architecture and tips on how to design and operation your enterprise systems, integrating GIS and IT.

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Path to GIS Success: Leveraging Esri’s Advantage Program and Geospatial Strategy

At the 2023 Esri Public Sector CIO Summit, Solomon Pulapkura and Craig Mesimer will explore how customers are leveraging Esri's Enterprise Advantage Program through a geospatial strategy.

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Informing Resilience Planning with Accessible Climate Data 

At the 2023 Esri Public Sector CIO Summit, Pat Cummens and Dan Pisut will explore how GIS can help your organization prepare for climate impacts through a data-driven approach.

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Applying GIS as a Data Systems Modernization Tool

At the 2023 Esri Public Sector CIO Summit, Michelle Campbell, Director of the Center for Data Modernization & Informatics at Washington State Department of Health shares the state's…

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Leveraging GIS for Maritime Clean Air Strategy

At the 2023 Esri Public Sector CIO Summit, Tracey Sandberg, CTO from Port of San Diego will discuss how GIS and the geographic approach are essential to operating a modern port and supporting their…

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Incorporating GIS into Emergency Response

The SAFER initiative in the City of Frisco, TX is a unique pre-plan program providing first responders with real-time data and video before they arrive to an incident. Through this work, they were…

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Powering GIS through the Microsoft Platform

James Collins, General Manager, State & Local Government Industry Team, Microsoft explores how the Microsoft platform supports GIS success at the 2023 Esri Public Sector CIO Summit. As a…

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