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Raster Analysis Essentials: The Latest in ArcGIS Spatial Analyst: December 2023

ArcGIS Spatial Analyst provides powerful modeling and analysis tools for raster data across ArcGIS. It is designed to solve common real-world problems such as suitability modeling, discovering…

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Climate Resources for Research and Teaching Webinar

Understanding the exposure of people, property, and infrastructure to climate-related hazards is the first step in building resilient communities. To support this process, the National Oceanic and…

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Incorporate ArcGIS Image for ArcGIS Online Into Your Teaching Workflow: November 2023

ArcGIS Image for ArcGIS Online is a comprehensive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that enables users to host, analyze, and stream imagery in the cloud. It offers a user-friendly and intuitive…

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Juicy Tidbits: The Delightful History of Food Language

In this video, Dr. Judith Tschann, discusses her book the etymology of food terms.

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Leveraging Cloud to Optimize Drone Mapping in Teaching and Research

The use of drone technology is proliferating, making it easier and more cost-effective to capture high-resolution images whenever needed. Many educators are now incorporating drone data into their…

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Industry Voices: Learning the Future

Industry Voices: Learning the Future

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How Do We Keep Up with It All

How Do We Keep Up with It All

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Esri Imagery Capabilities/What’s New

Esri Imagery Capabilities/What’s New

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Designing a Modern Imagery Curriculum

Designing a Modern Imagery Curriculum

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Please Delete Your Shapefiles: Teaching Web-Based Modern GIS Webinar

Configuring applications, working with web services, and mobile-first maps are major tenets of a modern GIS. Shapefiles are not. Providing students with the opportunity to learn about, master, and…

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The Future of Higher Education and the University of Redlands

In this video, you’ll hear from Krista Newkirk, J.D., President of the University of Redlands, and Danny Anderson, Ph.D., former president of Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, about the…

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Enhancing Qualitative Social Science Research with GIS: September 2023

Enhancing social science with GIS strengthens how qualitative and quantitative data and methods work together. It supports this interplay by providing an organizing and visualizing context that makes…

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What's New in Business Analysts Products and Data: August 2023

Business Analyst Web and Mobile app, Pro and Enterprise have been updated in June 2023. On premise editions will be available in MyEsri shortly. Join us to learn what’s new with the business…

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SDGs4InteriorDesign: Matrices for RE-conciling Natural-Ecology &Human-Ecology

SDGs4Interior uses spatial technology to address the SDGs in design education; this approach to human centered design contrasts with conventional methods of design that fail to engage learners in…

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The Next, Next Greatest Thing | Rural Broadband

Jim Stritzinger, Director of South Carolina Broadband Office will showcase the state's efforts on elimiating the digital divide in rural communities, at the 2023 Esri Public Sector CIO Summit.

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ArcGIS Online Org Health

ArcGIS Online Organizations are the heart of school and college licenses. Customizing roles with privileges, checking key security items, ensuring sufficient admins exist, single sign-on, orderly…

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