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WhereNext Fast Four--Retail Crime

In this short WhereNext Fast Four interview, Esri's Gary Sankary explains how a geographic approach offers companies a new way to address retail crime.

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Marketing Story - Coffee Sales

In this video, see how your data can be used spatially on a map to track high/low sales areas and also analyze market potential of your sales to see what territory could be capturing more market…

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Find the optimal location with ArcGIS Business Analyst

Add your own propriety data alongside ArcGIS Business Analyst data and combine it with suitability analysis and points of interest search to help you rank and identify the optimal site for a…

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Location Insights are Transforming Business - Full Interview

Check out this interview featuring Paolo Pedersoli, the Managing Director at Jakala, and Nikki Paripovich Stifle, an Industry Manager for Consumer Goods & Services at Esri. They discuss the many…

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Location Insights are Transforming Business

Geospatial Intelligence is driving enterprise-level breakthroughs. Esri was on the show floor for "NRF 2023: Retail's Big Show". Hear from Jakala's Managing Director Paolo…

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Esri & Forrester Consulting Report

Check out the report here:

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The Power of a Location Strategy for Digital Retailers

Gary Sankary, Esri's retail industry manager, explains how The Science of Where can help retailers understand why things happen where they do. Discover how a location strategy can help digital…

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2018 Retail User Group Special Interest Group Webinar 1

Esri's first Retail Special Interest Group webinar of 2018 was a success. Relive the session with Esri's Tony Howser shared some wonderful demos, as well as updates to ArcGIS Pro and…

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Esri Market Research Study - RSR

Customer flow data has a purpose, and retailers now have the ability to use this psychographic and demographic data to help in many levels of their business. What trends are we seeing in retail? What…

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L.A. County Delete the Divide Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Esri is proud to partner with the Los Angeles County, Delete the Divide initiative by providing self-paced learning lessons on GIS skills. Our goal is to connect youth and small businesses in…

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PUG 2021 Downstream: Session Q&A

Open discussion with guest presenters about their work, challenges faced, and next…

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PUG 2021 Downstream: The Future of Retail

In this live discussion, Tony Battle, CIO / CTO of Shell Retail will provides inspirational though leadership points to ponder around how Shell is reinventing its approach to the retail business.…

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PUG 2021 Downstream: Real-Estate Optimization at ExxonMobil

As the largest oil and gas operator in the world, ExxonMobil has a diverse and extensive real-estate portfolio around the world. In this presentation, Joel Glaze will discuss an innovative and a…

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PUG 2021 Downstream: New Opportunities Abound

The Downstream segment encompasses a wide range of business and technical domains from refineries to distribution and logistics all the way to real-estate / retail as the end customer touch point. In…

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PUG Plenary 2021 - Shell Energy Retail

Tony Battle from Shell Energy Retail shares how Shell is expanding offerings…

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Ralph Torres: Elevating GIS

Ralph Torres, Data and Geography Systems Manager at Ulta Beauty, shares how the COVID-19 response has elevated the profile of GIS and geospatial data at Ulta Beauty.…

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