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Video Case Study: Green Valley Water

Watch this video to learn how Green Valley Water is using the latest technology to optimize its GIS. Learn more about how Esri supports small water syssystemstes:

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The Hunt for Lead: Using Web Maps & Apps for Lead Service Line Identification

Learn how the City of Oklahoma City has strategically worked to identify lead service lines. City staff discuss their pilot program and demonstrate mobile and web-based mapping applications being…

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Orchestrating Utility Network Processes with ArcGIS Workflow Manager

In this webinar, Esri experts demonstrate how ArcGIS Workflow Manager works together with ArcGIS Utility Network to streamline branch version management, automate data quality checks, and automate…

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Video Case Study: New Jersey American Water

Watch this video to learn how New Jersey American Water is using the latest technology to optimize their GIS. Learn more about how Esri Support Water Utilities:

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ArcGIS Data Reviewer: An Introduction

ArcGIS Data Reviewer, an extension to ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Enterprise, improves GIS data quality and reduces data management costs. In this session, we will define GIS data quality, practices for…

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ArcGIS Solutions: ArcGIS Utility Network Foundations

This session will provide an overview of a set of utility network foundations that help water, sewer, stormwater, electric, district energy, gas and telecommunication utilities jumpstart utility…

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Advances in Creating a Lead Service Line Inventory

The Lead Service Line Inventory Solution configures ArcGIS to create and maintain lead service inventories, conduct material verifications in the field, manage replacement activities, monitor…

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ArcGIS Utility Network: Implementation Considerations Webinar

In this webinar, Esri experts will focus on ArcGIS Utility Network implementation. Discussion will include steps that need to be taken in preparation for implementation, insight into how long it…

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ArcGIS Utility Network: Network Management Options Webinar

Experts discuss network management options for ArcGIS and modern GIS workflows. This includes paths for utilities planning to implement ArcGIS Utility Network in the short and long term.Attend this…

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ArcGIS: The Foundation for Your Digital Transformation

The challenges faced by utilities today may seem overwhelming at times, but there is a starting point to overcoming them that all utilities have in common: location. Most utilities use geographic…

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Inspection Workflows Part 1: Building & Publishing Related Tables

How do you start to build a digital inspection workflow with ArcGIS? This video has you covered! You’ll learn how to build related tables to store inspection records and then publish it to…

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Esri Demo - Lead Service Line Inventory Solution

In this presentation, Matt Kennedy demonstrates the Lead Service Line Inventory Solution and shares resources to help water utilities meet the revised Lead and Copper Rule requirements.

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