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Creating Collaborative Communities with GIS.mp4

Communities around the world are implementing new patterns of collaboration to support better decision-making. In what used to be called Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) the focus has changed from…

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ArcGIS Data Reviewer: An Introduction

ArcGIS Data Reviewer, an extension to ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Enterprise, improves GIS data quality and reduces data management costs. In this session, we will define GIS data quality, practices for…

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Automating Topographic Map Production Part 2

Streamline cartographic productionMapping organizations have achieved the strategic goal of using their data to automate and efficiently produce cartographic products at multiple scales. In this…

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Automating Topographic Data Part 1

Standardizing data management and productionMany mapping organizations have achieved the strategic goal of automatically generating multiscale topographic data using their single best-scale data to…

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Ordnance Survey Large-scale Imagery Processing in Azure: OS, NFrames SURE, and Esri PoC Outcomes

Ordnance Survey UK is tackling the challenge of moving their imagery processing workflow to the cloud and presents their experience through a proof of concept leveraging ArcGIS Image capabilities.

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Getting Started with Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration

Configurable off-the-shelf spatial technologies are now available for fit-for-purpose cadastral systems, eliminating the need for custom programming, complex implementations, and special skills.…

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ArcGIS Production/Defense Mapping: An Introduction to Topographic Mapping

This session will introduce you to ArcGIS Production Mapping and ArcGIS Defense Mapping extensions in ArcGIS Pro and how you can leverage them to efficiently and cost-effectively produce standardized…

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ArcGIS: Automating Topographic Data and Map Production

This session will be an overview on topographic data management, map production tools, and workflows to automate creation of multi-scale data and cartographic products from a single best scale…

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National Mapping Strategies with ArcGIS Pro

In this webinar, National Mapping and Geospatial Authorities will learn about strategies for migrating to ArcGIS Pro. We cover some key topics to get you started, get into the details that will help…

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2021 NGEF: Closing Remarks with Esri

The 2021 Esri National Government Executive Forum (NGEF) closing presentation and synthesis of the day by Patty Mim, Director of Global National Government with Esri along with a final Q&A…

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2021 NGEF: The Centre for GIS, Qatar

The 2021 Esri National Government Executive Forum (NGEF) presentation on “Developing a National Geospatial Strategy for Qatar”, Masoun Shahbandar with The Centre for GIS - Qatar. This…

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Visualizing the Uncertain Future with GIS

Everyone is striving to navigate the extraordinary health, economic, natural and man-made disasters we are experiencing and how to be more responsive going forward. Exemplary commercial and…

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New Imagery and LIDAR Capabilities in ArcGIS for National Mapping

Esri's ArcGIS platform now includes nFrames SURE software and enables your teams to seamlessly capture, process, produce, and analyze high-quality 2D and 3D information. SURE transforms imagery…

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Trusted Authoritative Information in Uncertain Times

In uncertain times, people are looking for authoritative information to make informed decision. National Mapping and Geospatial Authorities provide trusted location data to support evidence based…

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Singapore Land Authority: Democratizing Geospatial

A short clip of Chief Executive, Tan Boon Khai, of Singapore Land Authority from the 2019 Senior Executive Summit at the Esri UC. For more information, please visit:

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Ordnance Survey Great Britain: Disruption at 10x Scale

Efficiency and coordination are needed when you make over 20,000 changes a day to a database of over 500 million geographic features for an entire nation. Ordnance Survey GB, the National Mapping…

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