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Teaching Social Studies with ArcGIS Online

Webinars provide a great way to get a glimpse, learn the latest, or drill into detail. T3G staff host "T3G Third Thursday" webinars August-June, and participate in other webinars through…

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Introduction to Human Geography Using ArcGIS Online, second edition | Official Esri Press Trailer

The essential concepts and theories of human geography are brought to life thanks to the innovative integration of modern web maps. Introduction to Human Geography Using ArcGIS Online, second…

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Brianne Wegter - November 2022 Winner

Discover how ArcGIS Online empowers one ninth-grade geography course

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Jim Chelsvig - October 2022 Winner

Learn how ArcGIS Online extends one educator's social studies program

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Laurie Bohn - December 2021 Winner

Learn how one middle school teacher uses ArcGIS to extend her geography instruction

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Andrew Dojack - November 2021 Winner

Hear how one social studies educator uses ArcGIS Online to merge STEM and the humanities in high school

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Allysa Larsen - January 2021 Winner

ArcGIS Online supporting hybrid and distance learning in K12 classrooms

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Rob Doyle - December 2020 Winner

Teaching AP Human Geography using ArcGIS Online

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Ben Clark - October 2020 Winner

Helping students recognize spatial patterns in history

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Shannon Salter - February 2020 Winner

Hear how ArcGIS supports competancy-based social studies instruction in high school

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Brittany Wedlund - August 2019 Winner

Social studies teacher uses ArcGIS Online to teach world history and human geography

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Kyle Tredinnick - January 2019 Winner

Learn how ArcGIS is used in a government and civics classroom.

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Judith Painter - February 2018 Winner

K12 teacher demonstrates how she uses ArcGIS and GeoInquiries in her social studies classroom

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Kelly Swanson - October 2017 Winner

K-12 social studies teacher shows how ArcGIS empowers his middle school classroom

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Teaching GIS in Schools gives hope for his hometown

Having grown up in the projects of Boyle Heights, knows how hard it can be as a teenager in East Los Angeles. That’s why he’s excited about a graduation requirement at Roosevelt…

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Boyle Heights High School Student Maps Course to Future

The school Abigail Gonzalez attended, in the Boyle Heights community of Los Angeles, does a "Service Learning Project" in 11th grade. This intense look at a social justice topic, using…

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