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Mapping With Drones

Watch this T3G Webinar from March 2024 to learn how you can use ArcGIS Online to teach mapping with drones.

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Teaching Science with GIS

Watch this February 2024 T3G webinar to learn how to teach science by using GIS.

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Teaching Social Studies with ArcGIS Online

Webinars provide a great way to get a glimpse, learn the latest, or drill into detail. T3G staff host "T3G Third Thursday" webinars August-June, and participate in other webinars through…

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2024 ArcGIS Online Competition for US High School and Middle School Students

In this T3G webinar, learn about the 2024 ArcGIS Online Competition for US High School and Middle School Students, how to get students started, and more.

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GIS and Generative AI

Learn about the GIS and Generative AI, and ways to incorporate both into your classroom instruction.

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Teaching with MapMaker

Learn about the new tool, National Geographic MapMaker, and ways you can incorporate MapMaker into your classroom instruction.

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2023 Summer Updates

This webinar highlights Esri's video presentation zone, with three short videos from 2023 User Conference showing the power and breadth of the technology plus the new Atlas (beta) Instant App…

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ArcGIS Online Competition for US High School & Middle School Students 2023 Results

Winners of the 2023 ArcGIS Online Competition for US HS+MS Students talk about their projects, the challenges, and how they addressed those challenges. The winners' teachers and the state…

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Analysis with Map Viewer

ArcGIS Online Map Viewer now has powerful geoprocessing tools, just like Map Viewer Classic does, but with improvements via search and history. And, Map Viewer also has built-in analytical tools…

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Climate Mapping for Resilience & Adaptation

Guest presenters LuAnn Dahlman (NOAA contractor on education) and Dan Pisut (Esri Living Atlas Team) guide a tour through the Climate Mapping for Resilience and Adaptation website (built using…

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