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ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript: 3D Visualization

In this session, we’ll focus on the 3D ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript visualization capabilities. We’ll dive into the various symbol types and demonstrate how you can drive 3D…

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Geospatial in the Metaverse

For many years geospatial users have been building 3d scenes and worlds for various use cases: replicating the physical world - as a digital twin, modeling various scenarios using geo design…

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Scene Layer continuous loading in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.7

In the video we see a before-after comparison of continuous loading. In the new version, the scene updates during navigation and has finished loading faster once the navigation stops. The continuous…

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I3S: An Open 3D Standard

Over the last two years, Esri has rolled out 3D capability that enables customers to distribute and visualize content across a diverse platform of products and SDKs. A key component of this effort…

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Indexed 3D Scene (I3S) Layers Specification

Scene Layers are containers for arbitrarily large amounts of geographic data. The delivery format and persistence model for Scene Layers is referred to as Indexed 3d Scene Layer (I3S) and has been…

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Best Practices for 3D Scene Services

Scene Layers allow ArcGIS users to stream large caches of high performance 3D content to clients for interactive visualization. This format, called Indexed 3D Scene (I3S) layers, supports a wide…

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Mapping 3D

Russell Roberts and 3D development team provide a quick tour of new products and capabilities in 3D. This video is featured in The ArcGIS Book, 2nd edition found online at

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