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Technology Trends

Andrew Turner, Director of Esri's R&D Center in Washington, DC discusses some emerging technology trends. Also, Senior Software Architect and Big Data Advocate Mansour Raad demonstrates…

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ArcGIS Apps Top 10

Jeff Jackson, CTO for ArcGIS Apps, and his team go through a fast and fun Top 10 list of everything users, and developers need to know about new apps.

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ArcGIS Developer Experience

David Cardella, the Product Manager for Developer Technologies, demonstrates all the new and improved resources for developers on the ArcGIS for Developers website.

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Building Native Apps for Desktops and Devices

Euan Cameron, CTO of Developer Technologies, and his team demonstrate options for building native applications, for devices and desktops.

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Building Web Apps

Euan Cameron, CTO of Developer Technologies, and his team describe in detail options developers have for building web apps on the ArcGIS platform.

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Dev Dude Dev Diva

Dev Dude and Dev Diva are late for the Plenary, so they Skyped in from LAX, and gave their report about visiting all 12 of Esri's R&D Centers around the world.

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Distributed GIS

Jay Theodore, CTO of ArcGIS Enterprise, and his team, provide a detailed description of Distributed GIS, its benefits, its architecture, and what developers need to know.

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Automating and Scripting ArcGIS

Jay Theodore, CTO of ArcGIS Enterprise and his team drive focused presentations demonstrating robust capabilities for developers.

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Analytics with the ArcGIS Platform

Jay Theodore, CTO of ArcGIS Enterprise, gives a high-pass overview of ArcGIS as a platform for analytics. Then, Theodore and his team perform team detailed demonstrations and code samples using the…

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Insights for ArcGIS

Linda Beale, the Product Engineer for Insights for ArcGIS, provides an overview of Insights.

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Mapping 3D

Russell Roberts and 3D development team provide a quick tour of new products and capabilities in 3D. This video is featured in The ArcGIS Book, 2nd edition found online at

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12th Annual Developer Summit Welcome & Event Overview

Jim McKinney, CTO, Desktop Software Development and Jack Dangermond, Founder and President welcome over 2,000 attendees to #DevSummit!

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ArcGIS Platform Overview

Sud Menon, Director of Software Development, provides an overview of everything new in the ArcGIS platform.

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Mapping 2D

Jeremy Bartley, Program Manager, ArcGIS Online and JavaScript API and his team provide a quick tour of new products and capabilities in 2D.

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