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Understanding Federal Funding Opportunities

Back by popular demand, Teryn Zmuda, Chief Economist and Chief Research Officer from National Association of Counties (NACo) shares an update and more insight into the patterns and trends she is…

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GIS for Public Policy | Explainer Video

Public policy without GIS is limited. Government leaders need to effectively understand the impact of their decisions, who is affected by changes in policy, and who has been consistently left behind.…

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Where to Look When You Need Data: Your Guide to the Largest Geospatial Data Resources

Part of the Esri State & Local Connect series: No matter what project you’re working on, or what challenge you are trying to address, it all starts with data. Esri…

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Operationalizing Health Equity | Jing Wu, Esri

Jing Wu, Esri provides the steps health professionals can take to address health equity with GIS, at the 2021 Esri Health and Human Services GIS Conference. She presents a roadmap to leverage…

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Learn More About Policy Mapping | A Tour of Esri Maps for Public Policy 5/5

The Esri Maps for Public Policy site offers a powerful way to share and explore policy topics through the lens of spatial data. In this short video, Lisa Berry, Geographer & Senior Product…

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Browse Issues in Esri Maps for Public Policy | A Tour of Esri Maps for Public Policy 4/5

Browse the issues related to policy maps and learn how to quickly search, filter, and sort policy issues content. In this video, Steven Aviles, Geographer & Product Engineer on the Esri ArcGIS…

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How to Explore Existing Policy Collections | A Tour of Esri Maps for Public Policy 2/5

A great way to start using Esri Maps for Public Policy is to choose a question on the home page, and enter your city or town name to see a collection of maps that help answer that question for your…

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Intro to Esri Maps for Public Policy | A Tour of Esri Maps for Public Policy 1/5

This quick tour from Jim Herries, Geographer & Product Engineering Lead on the Esri ArcGIS Living Atlas Team, will show you the maps and resources you can use for free at the Esri Maps for Public…

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How to Leverage Esri Maps for Public Policy

Diana Lavery, Senior Product Engineer on the Esri Policy Maps team tours the Esri Maps for Public Policy site, a complimentary resource where you can explore your community, gain insight, and learn…

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Spatial Analysis for Public Policy

Almost all policy decisions involve location, and frequently that same location component has an impact on finding the solution to our nation's problems. Spatial analysis enables you to consider…

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Building Story Maps for Public Websites, Press, and Media

Use Esri Story Maps templates to present information regarding legislative research or member outreach for a public audience.

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Mapping Constituent Correspondence

Participants will learn how to map their authoritative data (constituent correspondence) using the ArcGIS Maps for Office plug-in.

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Introduction to Digital Mapping for Congress

Participants will learn how ArcGIS Online allows congressional staff to discover, create, share, and manage maps and location-based data, enabling anyone in an organization to make and share maps…

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