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Achieving Equity with GIS - City of Tucson, AZ

At the 2024 Esri Public Sector CIO Summit, Laurice Walker, Chief Equity Officer and Laura Sharp, Equity Data Project Manager at the City of Tucson, AZ showcase how their partnership has…

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Using suitability analysis in Business Analyst

Learn how to perform a suitability analysis in Business Analyst to identify the most suitable locations based on multiple weighted criteria. To learn more, read Perform a suitability analysis.

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Introduction to building infographics

Learn how to build your own infographics template from scratch, using several advanced options in the process. To learn more, read Build infographics.

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Business Analyst Web App: Configure custom data and create an infographic

Learn how to configure custom data and infographic templates in Business Analyst Web App. This video is part 1 of 2. Play video 2 to learn how to import infographic templates and run them in ArcGIS…

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Business Analyst Pro: Import an infographic and run it locally

Learn how to import infographic templates and run them in ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro. This video is part 2 of 2. Play video 1 to learn how to configure custom data and infographic templates in…

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Demographic Analysis

In previous videos, we mapped the transit stops and lines and calculated the coverage of the transit system using a Service Area. That showed us where was served by the transit system. In this video,…

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Use 2022 demographic data in Business Analyst Web App

Learn about the latest 2022 demographic data from Esri, including Updated Demographics, Tapestry Segmentation, Consumer Spending, Market Potential, Business Summary, and 2016-2020 ACS variables.…

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What’s New in the Business Analyst Web App – June 2017 Release

This video highlights some of the exciting new features of the Business Analyst Web App for the end of June 2017 release. The update includes Esri's 2017/2022 US demographic data, access to…

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Esri Market Research Study - RSR

Customer flow data has a purpose, and retailers now have the ability to use this psychographic and demographic data to help in many levels of their business. What trends are we seeing in retail? What…

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Getting Started with GeoEnrichment

GeoEnrichment is a set of on-demand analytics which can enhance your custom apps, solutions, and datasets with additional location-based context. This context includes data which summarizes info…

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Color-Coded Maps (Classic) in Business Analyst

Learn how to build a color-coded map in Business Analyst. To learn more, read Create color-coded maps.

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Where to Look When You Need Data: Your Guide to the Largest Geospatial Data Resources

Part of the Esri State & Local Connect series: No matter what project you’re working on, or what challenge you are trying to address, it all starts with data. Esri…

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Diving into the Latest GIS Capabilities for Planning and Community Development

Part of the Esri State & Local Connect series: If you are a planning professional supporting community development, urban and regional planning, or economic development…

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Understanding GeoEnrichment

Develop with the GeoEnrichment service to bring data describing people, places, and businesses into your custom apps and workflows. GeoEnrichment is an Esri-hosted location service powered by…

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Learn More About Policy Mapping | A Tour of Esri Maps for Public Policy 5/5

The Esri Maps for Public Policy site offers a powerful way to share and explore policy topics through the lens of spatial data. In this short video, Lisa Berry, Geographer & Senior Product…

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Browse Issues in Esri Maps for Public Policy | A Tour of Esri Maps for Public Policy 4/5

Browse the issues related to policy maps and learn how to quickly search, filter, and sort policy issues content. In this video, Steven Aviles, Geographer & Product Engineer on the Esri ArcGIS…

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