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Urban Green Initiatives to Combat Our Warming Planet

At the Redlands Forum on Thursday, October 26, we explored the work of the University of Southern California (USC) Spatial Sciences Institute's Urban Trees Initiative to analyze the existing…

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What Can Esri Europe do for you?

What is Esri doing in Europe? Predictive Crime Analysis, Real-Time Fleet Tracking, Green Space Planning, Digital Twin, and Air Quality Monitoring.

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Air Quality Dashboard in Public Health

EPA health studies have shown a significant association between exposure to ambient air pollution and health risks. Health effects may include cardiovascular and respiratory effects. Although there…

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Animated Maps: Global Air Quality (1998-2016)

The WHO (World Health Organization) judges pollution by the amount PM 2.5—particulate matter that measure 2.5 microns or less—in the air. WHO guidelines call for concentrations of PM 2.5…

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Monitoring & Reporting Air Quality

A demonstration of automating your enterprise with Python for processing data to create a map resulting from the monitoring of air…

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