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What Can Esri Europe do for you?

What is Esri doing in Europe? Predictive Crime Analysis, Real-Time Fleet Tracking, Green Space Planning, Digital Twin, and Air Quality Monitoring.

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Balancing Growth and Sustainability with ArcGIS CityEngine

See how Ramboll, one of the world's top AEC consultants, uses GIS to ensure their clients' developments meet sustainability certifications.

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Esri in Europe

With 27 European offices, Esri software is being used in just about every industry across the continent.

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Electricity Authority of Cyprus: A Location-based Enterprise Solution

To ensure reliable service to their customers, the EAC placed Geographic Information Systems at the center of their business operations.

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Putting Out Fires with ArcGIS Dashboards

Focusing on real-time coordination helps emergency response teams keep up with rising demand in Matosinhos, where wildfires are a growing threat.

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Reducing Temperatures with Geographic Layers

Like many cities across Europe, Prague is facing the consequences of climate change. The rise in temperature harms plants and trees, and threatens the health of the elderly. With the help of location…

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