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Esri's Location Services for Developers

ArcGIS location services are web services hosted by Esri that you can use to build mapping and spatial analysis applications. Learn about the capabilities of each service, how to access them…

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GIS in Depth: ArcGIS for Maritime Bathymetry

MMT managing director, Duncan Mallace, discusses Esri's Bathymetry Solution for marine geospatial analysis

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ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET: Map Authoring and Exploration

Learn how to create map tools for selection and identify, layer pop-ups, custom pop-ups, and how to use the MapControl. We also cover Map Authoring APIs for renderers for 2D (unique value, class…

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Esri Developer Summit 2016: Open Data and Developer Experience

Euan Cameron, David Cardella and Andrew Turner give users an intro to developer resources for ArcGIS, including SDKs, APIs, open data portals, services and content.

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Esri Developer Summit 2016: ArcGIS APIs & SDKs

This segment dives into a discussion about using the client's APIs and SDKs in ArcGIS to develop both native and web apps. Presenters: Euan Cameron, Yann Cabon, Rene Rubalcava, Will Crick,…

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ArcGIS Pro: Add a Layout

Create new features on your map using feature templates.

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New APIs for ArcGIS Pro

Jim McKinney, CTO Desktop Development shows how SDKs are built and designed to allow developers to customize ArcGIS for their workflows. ArcObjects are the building blocks for ArcGIS Desktop and…

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Open Source APIs

Julie Powell, Principal Product Manager on the ArcGIS API for JavaScript team realizes how many organizations use multiple mapping solutions, often built across multiple departments, and it can be a…

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ArcGIS System for Developers

David Cardella, Senior Product Manager for ArcGIS developer technologies introduces the many faces of DevSummit plenary. He shares the higher level story of Developers and ArcGIS – the…

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Exploring with GIS Overview

National Geographic and Esri have joined forces to create Exploring With GIS. Our goal: to tell stories about National Geographic Explorers using GIS to take on the world. Our mission: to celebrate…

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Why Walk from Kenya to Argentina?

National Geographic Fellow Paul Salopek explains the motivation behind his ten-year long trek, and why GIS is essential to the journey.…

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How Prague Uses Smart Maps to Battle Climate Change

Like many cities across Europe, Prague is facing the consequences of climate change. The rise in temperature harms plants and trees, and threatens the health of the elderly. With the help of location…

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Happy GIS Day 2021 | Celebrate the GIS Heroes | A message from Jack Dangermond

Jack Dangermond wishes the world a happy GIS Day 2021. Jack thanks all the event organizers and participants for joining in this 22nd year celebration of GIS. GIS Day is an international forum for…

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Autodesk & Esri - Plan, Design, Build and Operate Better, Together

Over the last several years, Autodesk, an industry leader in design and engineering, and Esri, the leader in location intelligence, have formed an alliance. Together they build integrated solutions…

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Mapping Two Sides of Sustainability—Reduction and Resilience: A WhereNext Webcast`

On this webcast, the WhereNext team asks thought leaders how they approach two key aspects of sustainability—reducing negative impacts on the natural world while strengthening resilience to…

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ArcGIS: Data Interoperability and Integration

Are you trying to pull data into ArcGIS from other cloud data platforms (e.g. Snowflake or AWS)? Or integrate data from ancient or unstructured formats? Or embed maps into business workflow…

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