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Mobility and Crime Information Center Project

The PPD Mobility project aims transform a standard City-issued mobile phone into CJIS-compliant mobile device in hands of every police officer. The project leverages ESRI technology, such as ArcGIS…

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Fun with ArcGIS Online: Introducing Arcade

Wake up! Arcade is here, and it’s everything now. Are you wondering what Arcade is (and what it isn’t) and what it means to you? This video will provide a high-level introduction of how…

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The ArcGIS GeoInformation Model

Hear everyone talking about Web GIS but not sure how the geoinformation model works? Being able to fully understand how items are implemented, item types, specifications as Web Maps & Web Scenes,…

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ArcGIS Enterprise: Building Raster Analytics Workflows

Raster Analytics can save users significant time when processing large rasters, large images, massive mosaics, and massive collections of imagery. This demonstration theater will introduce users to…

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Mapping Incident Locations from a CSV file in a Web Map

View this short demonstration video to learn how to geocode incident locations from a spreadsheet in ArcGIS Online. In this demonstration, the presenter drags a simple .csv file into a browser-based…

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Developing Real-Time Web Apps with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Learn how you can make your web applications come alive by integrating real time data using ArcGIS GeoEvent Server and the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. In this session we will explore various types of…

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Mapping 2D

Jeremy Bartley, Program Manager, ArcGIS Online and JavaScript API and his team provide a quick tour of new products and capabilities in 2D.

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Nathan Strout, University of Redlands

o Esri's Bern Szukalski sits down with University of Redlands' Director of Spatial Technology to discuss the university's Service Learning project. Together, the University and The…

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