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UAS and Remote Sensing Operations at the Surfside Tower Collapse

The Center for Robot-Assisted Search and Rescue (CRASAR) was established in 2001 to foster unmanned systems being effectively used by formal emergency management agencies through voluntary national…

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The Smart Maps Protecting California’s Most Famous Parade

Every year, one event brings nearly a million people to a city of just 140,000. To keep everyone safe, organizers and public safety officials rely on a powerful technology, both at command centers…

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Putting the “Special” in Your Special Event! -- Esri’s New Special Event Solution

Join Esri Public Safety personnel as they demonstrate the new Special Event Solution capabilities. Attendees will learn how to leverage an existing solution to reduce preparation time by hours to…

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Real-Time Data Integration in Support of Multi-Agency Coordination Center

GIS applications with real-time data feeds provided the Multi-Agency Coordination Center with critical intelligence for the Special Event Assessment Rating (SEAR) events held within the City of…

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San Antonio Fusion Center - Public Safety with GIS in the Field

Find out how San Antonio Fusion Center uses ArcGIS to aid in the management of large-scale events. For more information, please visit:…

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San Antonio Fire's Use of WebGIS for Incident Intelligence and Resource Management

A critical component to any emergency response is the ability to gather incident intelligence and communicate that information to local, state, and federal agencies through a common platform. The San…

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GIS Applications for Smart Installations

Focused applications make installation information available to everyone, on any device, at any time. Learn more at:

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