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Leveraging Data and Technology to Provide Life-Saving Insights

The core values of the fire service are to protect lives, property, and the environment through preparedness, prevention, public education, and emergency response. Fire service leaders want to…

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Elevating Analysis in the Fire and Emergency Services

Almost any business publication today includes the term data-based decision making. Couple this with demands budgets be backed by data, finds fire department needing to transition how they tell their…

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Creating Tools to Support Community Outreach

The Philadelphia Fire Department is one of the oldest in the country and steeped in centuries of tradition, but like many public safety organizations it can be difficult to adapt those traditions to…

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The Smart Maps Protecting California’s Most Famous Parade

Every year, one event brings nearly a million people to a city of just 140,000. To keep everyone safe, organizers and public safety officials rely on a powerful technology, both at command centers…

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City of Pasadena Fire Department

Seconds matter. With GIS, the City of Pasadena Fire Department sees real time insight into emergencies to aid in the delivery of services. Learn how Pasadena uses ArcGIS to save seconds, and save…

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Modernizing Your Fire Department with ArcGIS Online

In this webinar, learn how you can modernize your fire department with ArcGIS Online. Learn more, here:

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