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Foulks Ranch Elementary School

Discover how three students from Foulks Ranch Elementary School in Elk Grove, CA are advancing their geographic knowledge through GIS and National Geographic MapMaker as they explore the world at…

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Dr. Steve Boyes: National Geographic Society

Conservationist, National Geographic Explorer, and TED Senior Fellow Dr. Steve Boyes has dedicated his life to preserving Africa’s wilderness areas and the species that depend upon them. A…

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Dr. Deborah R. Grayson: National Geographic Society

The National Geographic Society seeks to develop the Mindset of a National Geographic Explorer in all learners. Together, National Geographic Society and Esri have developed the next iteration of…

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2022 SES @ Esri UC: National Geographic Society

As chief executive officer at the National Geographic Society, Dr. Jill Tiefenthaler oversees the development and implementation of the Society’s mission-driven work and agenda. At the 2022…

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E360: Kaitlin Yarnall, National Geographic Society

National Geographic Labs, a part of the National Geographic Society, works in four primary areas of innovation: engineering remote imaging, geographic visualization, advertising, and citizen science.…

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Importance of Storytelling

Kaitlin Yarnall, an expert in storytelling, discusses how important storytelling is and how GIS can help tailor your story to your audience and even to your stakeholders.

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2021 ArcGIS StoryMaps Ocean Challenge Winners Announcement

The 2021 ArcGIS StoryMaps Challenge for Restoring Our Ocean–co-hosted by Esri and the National Geographic Society–encouraged high school students, college students, and individuals 18-24…

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National Geographic Society - A Conversation on Education

Jack Dangermond welcomed Dr. Vicki Phillips, Executive Vice President & Chief Education Officer of the National Geographic Society. Together, they discussed how National Geographic Society and…

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National Geographic Society

Jack Dangermond welcomes Tracy R. Wolstencroft from the National Geographic Society to discuss the partnership between Esri and National Geographic to develop and deploy a suite of solutions for…

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Esri 2016 FedGIS Plenary: Green Infrastructure

National Geographic Society President & CEO Gary Knell discusses how, a century after the formation of the National Park Service, Esri and NatGeo are working together to create a greener…

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Esri 2016 UC: Partnering with the National Geographic Society

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