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E360: Boris Borisov, City of Spokane

The City of Spokane, Washington used GIS to improve community engagement for their North Monroe Corridor Project, a revitalization and safety project for a major route in the city. Esri Story Maps…

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NAI Latter and Blum - Karl Landreneau, Commercial Sales and Leasing Director

NAI Latter and Blum in Louisiana uses ArcGIS software to stay light-years ahead of the competition. Using GIS to create reports and promote properties saves time, increases revenues, and attracts top…

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David Hicks Company - David Hicks, Real Estate Consulting Firm Owner

Small commercial real estate consulting and brokerage firm uses affordable GIS technology to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

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Alex Philp, Upstream Research


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E360: Kaitlin Yarnall, National Geographic Society

National Geographic Labs, a part of the National Geographic Society, works in four primary areas of innovation: engineering remote imaging, geographic visualization, advertising, and citizen science.…

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Andy Wright, Epoch Solutions Group

Andy Wright explains how operations dashboards have transformed how their clients are doing business, and how Esri's developer program made it possible.

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Tywla McDermott Discusses the Future of Smart Communities

Twyla McDermott, Corporate Strategic Technology Planner, talks about goals to make Charlotte, North Carolina a smart city, the implementation of ArcGIS Open Data, and the future of smart…

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Esri Spotlight: Cobb County Government – Ready for Opening Day

Building a new baseball stadium takes an extensive amount of research and planning. Hear how the GIS team at Cobb County (Georgia) stepped up to the plate to build a digital twin of the stadium,…

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E360: Vicente Miguel Guna Serrano, Presbyterian Church USA

How can GIS be used as a storytelling tool to engage the community? The Presbyterian Church USA used Esri Story Maps to tell the stories of Central American families who came to the US to seek asylum…

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E360: Naftali Honig, African Parks Network

At Garamba National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, national parks provide stability in a chaotic part of the world that help not just the wildlife, but the greater community. GIS helps…

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E360: Graham Stickler, Mission Blue and Beyond 180

Mission Blue is one of the world's largest ocean charities. By using the geospatial data platform Beyond 180, Mission Blue hopes to use ocean mapping to get local communities engaged with ocean…

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E360: Jeremy Planteen, Oklahoma Department of Transportation

Oklahoma's Department of Transportation uses both ArcGIS Desktop and mobile solutions like Collector for ArcGIS to speed up project planning and create public-facing web applications. Learn…

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Esri User Story: Chase Weddle, Mid-Atlantic Broadband

More than 1,800 miles of Mid-Atlantic Broadband (MBC) fiber carries internet service to rural counties in Southern Virginia, connecting communities to drive business growth. Hear how ArcGIS and…

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E360: Jeff Allenby, Chesapeake Conservancy

The Chesapeake Conservancy keeps watch over the Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in the United States and third largest in the world. To improve conservation efforts in the area, the Conservancy…

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E360: Robert Kain, PlaceWorks

PlaceWorks, a California-based urban planning and design firm, leverages ArcGIS Geoplanner and CityEngine to build innovative communities. Learn more, here:

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E360: Christian Cooley, Wyandotte County, Kansas City, Kansas

Wyandotte County faces the issue of blight due to its shrinking population. The County has leveraged GIS to help find solutions. GIS is a part of their Stabilization, Occupation, and Revitalization…

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