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The Hunt for Lead: Using Web Maps & Apps for Lead Service Line Identification

Learn how the City of Oklahoma City has strategically worked to identify lead service lines. City staff discuss their pilot program and demonstrate mobile and web-based mapping applications being…

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Identifying and Managing Lead Service Lines

In this session, presenters will discuss the benefits of using GIS for identifying and managing lead services lines in water distribution systems. Join this session to discover workflows for reducing…

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ArcGIS Parcel Fabric: Three Ways to Divide a COGO Line

Esri instructor Jack Horton explains three unique methods to divide coordinate geometry (COGO) lines in ArcGIS Pro. He describes how to divide a line into equal parts, by percentages, and at…

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Workflow Automation Using the ArcGIS API for Python

Rhea Jackson, Software Development Engineer uses a coastal line extraction demo to show how to use ArcGIS API for Python together with ArcGIS Notebooks on ArcGIS Online to schedule and automate your…

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Using Remove Overlap Methods in ArcGIS Pro Business Analyst

Learn how to optimize service areas with the Remove Overlap workflows in Business Analyst Pro. To learn more, read Remove Overlap and Remove Overlap (multiple).

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Exploratory Analysis – Elevation Profile Tool Basics

This lesson explains how to use the Elevation Profile tool to quickly generate an elevation profile graph along a line using ArcGIS Pro. The Elevation Profile tool is an Exploratory Analysis tool…

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ArcGIS Pro Exploratory Analysis – Line of Sight Tool Basics

This lesson explains how to use the Line of Sight Exploratory Analysis tool to quickly determine visibility between two locations using ArcGIS Pro. Interactive line of sight is used to determine…

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Esri Spotlight: Cobb County Government – Ready for Opening Day

Building a new baseball stadium takes an extensive amount of research and planning. Hear how the GIS team at Cobb County (Georgia) stepped up to the plate to build a digital twin of the stadium,…

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Using 3D GIS for Tactical Operations and Event Planning

When managing major events, law enforcement is constantly challenged to anticipate security risks and keep people safe. Faced with the threat of mass shooters or other terrorist activity, law…

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Charts & Custom Visualizations Beyond the Map

Visualizing data requires thinking beyond the common types of chart such as bar/line/pie. Fortunately libraries such as D3 make it easy to create interactive, dynamic, and informative graphics for…

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Military Tools for ArcGIS in ArcMap: Using Visibility

This video introduces Visibility functionality in Military Tools for ArcGIS in ArcMap. Visibility takes into consideration what can be seen by an observer from a given location. Analysts use key…

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Military Tools for ArcGIS in Web AppBuilder: Using Visibility

This video introduces Visibility functionality in Military Tools for ArcGIS in Web AppBuilder. Visualizing the terrain and understanding its impact is a crucial aspect of tactical operations.…

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