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Exploring the Form and Function of Endpapers in Picture Books

At the Redlands Forum on February 28, Dr. Jonda C. McNair discussed the significance of endpapers and shares examples from award-winning picture books. Don't miss this engaging discussion,…

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Tipping Points: Climate Projections and Economic Possibilities

At the Redlands Forum on February 6, Dr. Nicholas Reksten and Dr. Hillary Jenkins shared about the major events of the past year that have had an impact on the climate crisis, what this means for…

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The Role of the University at Three Scales: City, Region, and Nation

At the Redlands Forum on January 11, Wellington "Duke" Reiter presented the work of his office—the University City Exchange at Arizona State University—and how it has addressed…

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Juicy Tidbits: The Delightful History of Food Language

In this Redlands Forum on October 12, Dr. Judith Tschann, professor emerita at the University of Redlands talks about how most food words in English are so-called "borrowed" words that…

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The Future of Higher Education and the University of Redlands

In this video, you’ll hear from Krista Newkirk, J.D., President of the University of Redlands, and Danny Anderson, Ph.D., former president of Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, about the…

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Geodesign for Technologists

Reversing climate change on Earth is the most important geodesign problem. The International Geodesign Collaboration, with the Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development, Geodesign hub and…

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Geodesign in Education: Managing a multi-disciplinary watershed study

The University Alliance connects communities to the University of Wisconsin-Madison to solve community-identified challenges. One such project involves 11 courses working to improve conditions of the…

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Using geodesign to prioritize & promote urban greening initiatives in Los Angeles

This presentation describes the work of the USC Urban Trees Initiative over the past three years to describe the existing tree canopy in five low income Los Angeles neighborhoods - Boyle Heights,…

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Esri Community Member Spotlight: Peter Knoop

Peter Knoop is a research consultant at the University of Michigan, where he and a small number of colleagues support the school’s roughly 10,000 registered ArcGIS system users. In this New…

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TCU & Esri: A Model of Academia-Industry Partnership & Collaboration

Check out the Spatial Business book: Competing and Leading with Location Analytics

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Tom Horan Introduces the Spatial Business Academic Network (SBAN) Forum

Check out the Spatial Business book: Competing and Leading with Location Analytics

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Strengthening the UC Community through GIS

The University of California System coordinates GIS activities across institutions, sharing expertise and data. When the Kincade fire threatened several institutions, the UC GIS community was able…

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Creating a GIS Community of Practice at Yale University

A community of practice enables collective learning and collaboration. Because the use of GIS in learning and research is so broad, no single person can have expertise in every area. A strong…

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Drainage Cross Section Shape in the Gulf of Alaska

The Gulf of Alaska is a complex environment, where geologic processes have formed a variety of features including troughs, canyons, channels, gullies, and other structures. We measured feature shape…

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Stephanie Deitrick, Arizona State University

Michael Gould talks with Stephanie Deitrick of Arizona State University about the value of attending the Developer Summit.

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Community Engaged Geodesign in a Pandemic

From summer 2020 through summer 2021 the D4CR geodesign team worked with the City of Warren, MN to envision their regenerative future. (Focussing on economic and environmental impact of School…

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