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Crime in Vulnerable Neighborhoods in Sweden

The term “vulnerable neighborhoods” was first used in Sweden in 2015 to describe neighborhoods where the everyday life of citizens is highly affected by criminality. Understanding the…

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Building a Safe and Resilient Future

In today’s modern world, organizations must contend with risks that are more complex, interconnected, and systemic than ever before. From natural, technological, and human-caused threats and…

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Dawn Wright and Christian Harder | Interview with Esri Press

Watch Dawn Wright, Esri chief scientist and co-editor of the "GIS for Science" series, and Christian Harder, co-editor of the "GIS for Science" series and co-author of…

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GIS for Science, Volume 2 | Official Trailer

Discover the next volume in the acclaimed GIS for Science book series. Read about the work of scientists solving the world's biggest problems in agriculture, disaster response, geology, and…

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Spatial Analysis with ArcGIS

Create buffers and polygon overlays in ArcGIS, then conduct complex statistical analyses. Fundamental spatial analyses can be used to generate preliminary geographic estimates. In this case study…

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Spatial Statistics Tools in ArcGIS

Understand hidden spatial relationships and patterns in your data using ArcGIS. Use spatial statistics and analysis to view clusters and hotspots. Watch this video to see a demo of these tools in…

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Imagery Sources and Usage in ArcGIS

It is often said that a picture is worth a 1000 words, but in GIS, imagery is far more than just pictures. It is any cell-based (often called raster) data that is spatially aligned. While it might be…

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Esri 2016 UC: Understanding Understanding

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