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Exploring the Form and Function of Endpapers in Picture Books

At the Redlands Forum on February 28, Dr. Jonda C. McNair discussed the significance of endpapers and shares examples from award-winning picture books. Don't miss this engaging discussion,…

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Getting to Know ArcGIS Pro 3.2 | Official Esri Press Trailer

Getting to Know ArcGIS Pro 3.2 walks readers through exploring ArcGIS Online, using 3D GIS, building a geodatabase, creating maps for web and physical presentations, and more. With more than 300…

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2024 ArcGIS Online Competition for US High School and Middle School Students

In this T3G webinar, learn about the 2024 ArcGIS Online Competition for US High School and Middle School Students, how to get students started, and more.

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ArcGIS Online Competition for US High School & Middle School Students 2023 Results

Winners of the 2023 ArcGIS Online Competition for US HS+MS Students talk about their projects, the challenges, and how they addressed those challenges. The winners' teachers and the state…

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2022 ArcGIS Online Competition Middle School Winner

Each year the Esri Schools team holds the ArcGIS Online Competition for US High School and Middle School Students. For the 2022 competition, two winners and three honorable mentions were chosen from…

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Hayley Hutchinson - August 2020 Winner

Explore a GIS technology class for high school students

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Christina Troxell - March 2020 Winner

Learn how an instructional technologist works with students and educators to integrate ArcGIS Online

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Mariana Ramirez - May 2018 Winner

High school history teacher describes how she uses ArcGIS to advance social justice projects with her students

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Matt Winbigler - April 2018 Winner

Science teacher and tech coach shows off his work with middle school students and ArcGIS

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Maribel Ramos - August 2017 Winner

A high school teacher discusses the value of ArcGIS and internships for her students

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ArcGIS Online Competition Winners 2022

Results from the 2022 Competition, with HS and MS winning students and their state coordinators

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Competition 2021 Results

Results from the 2021 Competition, with HS and MS winning students, 2 teachers, 2 state coordinators

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GIS Skills That Will Get Students Jobs: Industry Voices of Modern GIS

In this first installment, we sit down with Matt Gaffner, a solution engineer with DTN. DTN is an Esri partner that provides weather data services and forecasts to customers. Over the course of our…

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Set Up Your ArcGIS Online Classroom in 4 Easy Steps

Congrats, you have an ArcGIS Online organization! Now... how do you add students? It's as easy as 1-2-3-4. Follow along, set up your classes, and start mapping. For more information, please…

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Make the Most out of Networking

For more information about a career at Esri, please visit: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow us on…

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Esri Ireland: ArcGIS for Schools

Discover how a cross-community project between Protestant and Catholic schools in Northern Ireland brought students together to explore sectarian divisions in their hometown. This amazing story of…

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