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Evan Sellers - September 2022 Winner

Learn about a two-course ArcGIS sequence in this high school CTE program

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William Chesher - October 2021 Winner

Explore the value of GIS in empowering high school business marketing courses

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Erik Bushland - August 2021 Winner

Learn how one K12 CTE teacher uses ArcGIS in game design, programming, and information technology courses

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Dominique Evans-Bye - April 2021 Winner

Explore a few ways a veteran CTE teacher uses ArcGIS in several projects across her curriculum

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Bruce Ingram - September 2020 Winner

Learn how a classroom veteran uses GIS in his CTE courses

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Hayley Hutchinson - August 2020 Winner

Explore a GIS technology class for high school students

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Jared Biciolis - November 2018 Winner

A K12 CTE teacher uses ArcGIS in his agriculture classroom

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Alicia Pressel - December 2017 Winner

K-12 CTE school teacher describes how she uses ArcGIS in the classroom.

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Virginia Geospatial Semester

This Virginia-based, grade-12 elective, dual enrollment, "GIS as the focus" class helps students use GIS broadly

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GIS for CTE Panel

Four GIS-savvy CTE teachers share their experiences and strategies in a panel

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Lightning Talks: Spaceborne Sensors and Projects

See innovative imagery and remote sensing work as educators and students share stories and lessons learned in the classroom and beyond. These projects utilize spaceborne sensors to investigate…

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