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Projects and Project-Based Learning

What differentiates between "projects" and "project-based learning"? Both are good, but differ in important aspects.

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Projects and GIS

Guidance on projects, plus examples from four GIS-savvy educators in HS, MS, and informal ed

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GIS Projects ArcGIS Online Competition

The value of projects; strategies for projects; projects as a part of Esri's competition

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E360: Boris Borisov, City of Spokane

The City of Spokane, Washington used GIS to improve community engagement for their North Monroe Corridor Project, a revitalization and safety project for a major route in the city. Esri Story Maps…

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Strategies for Web Developers

This session demonstrates how to design and build useful web mapping apps using the power of ArcGIS. We will explore no-code/low-code options such as map embedding, builders, templates, and ArcGIS…

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E360: Gary Volta, SGC Engineering

Based in Maine, SGC Engineering needed to find a better way to deliver consistent, quality surveying projects to their clients. GIS revolutionized their journey, streamlining delivery to clients and…

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ArcGIS for Local Government UC 2017 Release

We discussed what's coming in the ArcGIS for Local Government UC2017 release and talk about ArcGIS for Local Government events at the 2017 Esri UC. Lean more at…

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An Overview of the Capital Project Planning Maps and Apps

We discussed how a series of ArcGIS for Local Government maps and apps can be used to define capital projects, coordinate project schedules, track project performance, and share project status with…

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Procedures and Organization for the Coastal Composite Bathymetry Projects

As ocean sustainability grows in importance and the UN seeks to implement policy for the management of areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ) the understanding of human impact across our oceans…

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