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Putting Out Fires with ArcGIS Dashboards

Focusing on real-time coordination helps emergency response teams keep up with rising demand in Matosinhos, where wildfires are a growing threat.

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GIS Promotes Innovation in Wildfire Management

The frequency and duration of wildfires fueled by drought and climate change are increasing. As a result, utility infrastructure is severely impacted. Learn how two utilities leverage GIS to combat…

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Mapping Wildland Fire with Mobile Technology

Interagency Incident Management Teams are adopting mobile mapping technologies on wildfires in the United States. From initial attack on a ¼ acre or implementing multiple management strategies…

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Design Considerations for the USA Current Wildfires Layer

Emily Meriam explains some of the considerations that led to her design of the map symbols used in the USA Current Wildfires layer in ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World. This video is part of the…

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Animated Maps: Ten Most Destructive California Wildfires

In 2003, the Cedar Fire swept through Southern California’s San Diego County, consuming more than 273,000 acres, destroying nearly 3,000 structures, and killing 15 people. It was the…

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Animated Maps: California Wildfires from 1910-2019

Wildfires are a fact of life in California—and not a new one. Living in the state has always meant forging an uneasy alliance with the natural cycle of fires. What has changed in recent years…

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Esri 2017 SES: NEMAC

How can GIS help respond to environmental challenges such as wildfire, drought, hurricanes, and flooding? Watch this presentation from Esri Senior Executive Summit (SES) 2017.

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