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setId: Normalizing Data into Automated Information Solutions with GIS

setld is an Emerging Business Partner in the Esri Startup Program supporting normalizing datasets, custom analysis modules, information mashups and meaningful reporting, designed to break down common…

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Catastrophic Event Impact Forecasting & Risk Assessment

Sean Miller, Meteorologist at Kinetic Analysis Corporation explains how clients leverage their real-time tropical cyclone intelligence with the ArcGIS platform to generate hazard footprints, helping…

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FishViews Partners with Esri to Provide Data-Rich, 3D, 360 Immersive Panoramic Tours of Waterways

FishViews delivers 360-degree imagery-based maps of waterways with unique data integration, navigation and collaborative features. President, Brian Footen explains the value he’s received from…

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SafeGraph: Monitoring Big Data to Drive Machine Learning and AI

Ryan Squire, Product Manager at SafeGraph explains how the startup generates high-quality, big data from mobile devices of human movements to drive machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI)…

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The Importance of Data: Fusing Augmented Reality with GIS

Brady Hustad, President, Argis Solutions expands on Augmented Reality (AR) and the importance of data and GIS to preform analytics, visualizations, and better understand our world.

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