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2022 IMGIS Plenary

Jack Dangermond shares his vision for GIS across infrastructure management. See demonstrations and presentations from GIS professionals who are meeting challenges, solving problems, and creating…

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Central Arkansas Water

Central Arkansas Water uses GIS for the protection and management of nearly 25,000 acres of watershed land and water resources owned by the utility, and with ensuring that nearly 500,000 Arkansans…

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CORE Electric Cooperative

CORE Electric Cooperative is committed to mitigating the risk of wildfire to protect our members, employees and distribution system. They will share how they used GIS to implement a comprehensive…

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Dominion Energy Virginia

Dominion Energy Virginia is an electric Transmission and Distribution subsidiary of Dominion Energy serving 2.9 million customers in Virginia and North Carolina with over 66 thousand miles of lines. …

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Understanding Electric Vehicle Charging Impacts

Jessica Gooch shows how you can use GIS to understand the current and future state of Electric Vehicle and their impact on infrastructure. GIS allows you to see where the impact is today and where…

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San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) shares how they are using GIS to create a digital twin to keep an airport that is over 5,100 acres and serves more than 35,000 passengers per day operating.

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Indoor GIS

With a modern Web GIS system, utilities are using maps to access the location of their assets, as well as related information through the web and from any device. Ben Segal demonstrates how utilities…

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The Ontario Line is a 16-kilometer subway line, with 15 proposed stations which will run from Ontario Place/Exhibition Place through downtown Toronto to the Ontario Science Centre and is expected to…

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Mobile Everywhere

Jess Altamira and Hermien Bijker show how the mobile applications of ArcGIS can help organizations use their GIS anywhere, saving time in getting information into the hands of decision-makers.

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Network Management

Modern network management requires holistic analysis and understanding. Stewart Rouse shows how ArcGIS can help with all aspects of network management from gaining greater asset information to…

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See how Enerjisa, the largest power provider in Turkey reaching 10.1 million customers in 14 provinces, leverages ArcGIS Monitor to keep their GIS running with optimal performance.

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Reality Capture

Imagery comes from a variety of sources, from Satellites orbiting the earth, to aerial photography taken from airplanes, or fleets of drones and it can all be brought together and managed seamlessly…

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ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Engine

ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Engine brings the power of spatial analysis to existing big data infrastructures, helping analysts make sense of big spatial data quickly and easily. Megan Hendrick shows how…

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ArcGIS - A Comprehensive Geospatial System

Take a tour of ArcGIS and its powerful capabilities for developing rich content, conducting spatial analysis, collecting data in the field, and sharing across an organization.

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Duke Energy

Duke Energy will share how they are leveraging the Geographic Approach across the utility for operations, safety and resiliency, and sustainability. At Duke Energy, location is the great unifier,…

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Climate Portal

The Climate Portal is a WebGIS portal configured to visualize the effects of climate change and foster action, leveraging a geospatial infrastructure by bringing together GIS data layers from FEMA,…

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