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Plenary Session - Empowering Sustainable Operations, Part 2

Plenary session continues - join Esri, the PUG Chair, and your industry colleagues at the opening Plenary Session to hear the vision of how GIS empowers all aspects of a modern, diversified energy…

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Plenary Session - Empowering Sustainable Operations, Part 1

Join Esri, the PUG Chair and your industry colleagues at the opening Plenary Session to hear the vision of how GIS empowers all aspects of a modern, diversified energy portfolio. Guest industry…

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Petroleum User Group Committee

The Petroleum User Group Steering Committee (PUG) welcomes attendees to the Esri Energy Resources GIS Conference. Learn more about the PUG and how you can become more involved in this collaborative…

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Digital Twin

Scott Noulis shows how ArcGIS is the foundation for a Digital Twin. GIS enhances data capture and integration, enables better real-time visualization, provides advanced analysis and automation of…

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Imagery Management-Reality Capture

Using the ArcGIS Imagery system, analysts can fuse foundational GIS data with commercial imagery, leverage partners and create streamlined processing workflows in one system. Aidan Thurling shares…

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Using Raster Analytics

Mubarakat Shuaibu and Sarah Eshpeter raster analytics in the cloud can perform advanced analysis at-scale, creating dynamic workflows that can be shared and turned into actionable information to…

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Murphy Exploration & Production Co.

Murphy Exploration & Production Co. show how they created simple to use but powerful dashboards to create insight on critical operations and drive the business.

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ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Engine

Garrett Rimel shows how ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Engine can help you make sense of real-time big data in a matter of seconds using AIS vessel data.

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Williams - The Single Pane of Glass

The Digital Transformation at Williams continues to grow and evolve with a focus on the worker experience creating a better environment for workers in the field.

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What's New in ArcGIS Pro

Explore powerful spatial analysis, productivity enhancements, and new tools in ArcGIS Pro 3.1 with Ryan Farmer

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What's New in ArcGIS Online

Sarah Ramirez shares the spatial analytics capabilities and visualization tools available in the latest release of the Map Viewer and ArcGIS Online.

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Summit Carbon Solutions

Summit Carbon Solutions is creating a fully integrated carbon capture and sequestration project. Collecting over 15M tons of carbon annually. See how GIS is enabling the planning and design of the…

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ArcGIS Living Atlas

ArcGIS Living Atlas is the largest collection of ready-to-use spatial content in the world. Lisa Berry shows how you can transform the way you create your maps using layers and tools from Living…

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ConocoPhillips shares how GIS continues to grow and spread across all business divisions, from field workers to executives. The adaption is driven by enabling and empowering authoritative data…

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Danny Spillmann shares how ArcGIS and the Geographic Approach provide a digital platform for understanding business, running analytics, and solving industry challenges and business challenges.

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ExxonMobil shares how they are using data analytics to drive business decisions, leveraging GIS at a global scale to modernize business processes to get the best use, and optimizing land holding.

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