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Esri Community Member Spotlight: Amanda Huber

Amanda Huber is a GIS Administrator for Minnesota’s Three Rivers Park District. There, she and two colleagues support a range of departments with their geospatial needs while managing 27,000…

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Unleashing Digital Transformation through the Utility Network

Learn how these utilities optimized operations, heightened reliability, and elevated customer satisfaction with ArcGIS Utility Network, cutting-edge technologies, and data-driven strategies. See how…

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Charting the Roadmap to the Grid of the Future

Utilities are encountering a myriad of fresh challenges and opportunities. Explore how these forward-thinking utilities navigated their way towards a future-oriented path by harnessing the power of…

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Grid Modernization Essential for the Next Generation of Utilities

As the significance of enterprise GIS and its integration with other applications continues to expand, the urgency to establish a modernized approach to GIS has become critical. Learn how these…

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GIS Advancing Utilities to a Modern Grid

Utilities are now compelled to abandon legacy processes and systems. Observe how these forward-thinking utilities are shedding old practices to effectively tackle the challenges ahead.

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What Goes on in the Field Can’t Stay There

Since their inception, data latency has posed a persistent problem for utilities. However, they can no longer tolerate outdated and inaccurate records for their analytics. Consequently, these…

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Optimizing Asset Management with Digital Twin Technology and GIS

Explore how Digital Twin technology and GIS integrate to optimize asset management, enabling predictive maintenance and cost reduction. Learn how the use of ArcGIS Enterprise as a crucial platform…

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GIS Enables Utility Sustainability

Utilities are aggressively adopting sustainability as an essential component of their corporate mission. Discover how these organizations leverage GIS in their sustainability initiatives.

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GIS Supports PG&E’s Distributed Energy Resources Initiatives

Distributed Energy Resources (DER’s) are rapidly entering into the energy generation mix. They provide a valuable weapon for fighting the ravages of climate change. However, they do create…

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ArcGIS Enterprise Portal for Emission Reduction & Stormwater Management

This session showcases ArcGIS Enterprise Portal's impact on stormwater management, enabling real-time data review and comprehensive asset registry. Additionally, learn how it aids emission…

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Data-Driven Street Sweeping & Mobile GIS Workflow for Storm Readiness

Learn how GIS delivers a positive impact on urban street sweeping, optimizing services with data-driven approaches for fair and transparent operations. Additionally, explore a university's…

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Transformative Integration of BIM and GIS for Smart Building Construction

Explores the powerful combination of BIM and GIS in constructing concrete silos with self-sliding formwork, enabling precise positioning, real-time monitoring, and optimized resource management.…

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Leveraging GIS for BIM Models and Abandoned Mine Monitoring

In this session, discover an in-house developed Information Center that integrates BIM Models and GIS databases for non-GIS experts, linking project information like progress, budget, and…

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Geo-Enabled Solutions for Pipeline and Transmission Line Projects

In this session, see geo-enabled solutions for pipeline and transmission line projects. Examples include a land management GIS portal optimizing efficiency for a 100-mile Illinois pipeline, and an…

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Optimizing Environmental Processes & Social Impacts with GIS

Join us to learn how environmental GIS optimized processes for large-scale linear AEC projects, and how GIS data and tools enabled the first GIS Investigation of Multivalent Urban and Social Factors…

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GIS Empowering Utility Workers

Like many other businesses, utilities are facing their share of supply chain issues, pandemic-related disruptions, and worker shortages. However, they are not shying away from these challenges;…

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