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Global Shorelines, Islands, and Coastal Systems: New Data and Tools

An update from USGS Senior Scientist for Ecosystems Roger Sayre on the new Ecological Coastal Units (ECUs) project, as a follow-on from the Ecological Land Units (ELUs) and Ecological Marine Units…

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Localized Ecological Marine Units + new Ecological Coastal Units

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Mapping Marine Ecosystems and Biogeographic Realms

A new analysis proposes marine biogeographic realms based on species distributions, and candidate marine ecosystems based on ‘Ecological Marine Units’ have been derived from analysis of…

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Announcing Ecological Marine Units

USGS and Esri created an ecological partitioning of the global ocean. This work is a first-of-its-kind mapping of marine ecosystems that is globally comprehensive, objectively produced, and…

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Ecological Marine Unit Explorer Mobile App

Ecological Marine Unit Explorer was developed to support better global understanding of the ocean. It includes data from NOAA’s World Ocean Atlas; a 3D modeled 50-year average for temperature,…

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Ecological Marine Unit Explorer For Android

Using 50 years’ worth of aggregated nutrient and physical ocean data from NOAA, Esri has collaborated with the USGS, the Marine Conservation Institute, NatureServe, the University of Auckland,…

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