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Introduction to building infographics

Learn how to build your own infographics template from scratch, using several advanced options in the process. To learn more, read Build infographics.

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Business Analyst Web App: Configure custom data and create an infographic

Learn how to configure custom data and infographic templates in Business Analyst Web App. This video is part 1 of 2. Play video 2 to learn how to import infographic templates and run them in ArcGIS…

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Business Analyst Pro: Import an infographic and run it locally

Learn how to import infographic templates and run them in ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro. This video is part 2 of 2. Play video 1 to learn how to configure custom data and infographic templates in…

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What’s New in the Business Analyst Web App – June 2017 Release

This video highlights some of the exciting new features of the Business Analyst Web App for the end of June 2017 release. The update includes Esri's 2017/2022 US demographic data, access to…

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Esri Market Research Study - RSR

Customer flow data has a purpose, and retailers now have the ability to use this psychographic and demographic data to help in many levels of their business. What trends are we seeing in retail? What…

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Using Suitability Analysis in Business Analyst

Learn how to perform a suitability analysis in Business Analyst to identify the most suitable locations based on multiple weighted criteria. To learn more, read Perform a suitability analysis.

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COVID-19 Demographic and Economic Resources from U.S. Census Bureau

An informative video on how the U.S. Census Bureau is disseminating their data to inform COVID-19 response. For more information, please visit:…

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Explore What’s Nearby in Business Analyst

Learn how to summarize locations using the Nearby capability in infographics and reports. For example, see a tabular summary of how many and which existing restaurants are within a mile of a proposed…

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Living Atlas Webinar: Future Trends with Esri Demographics

Esri Chief Demographer Lynn Wombold provides insights from Esri's Updated 2017-22 Demographic Data. Included in the presentation are interesting data from the areas of population employment and…

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