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NAI Latter and Blum - Karl Landreneau, Commercial Sales and Leasing Director

NAI Latter and Blum in Louisiana uses ArcGIS software to stay light-years ahead of the competition. Using GIS to create reports and promote properties saves time, increases revenues, and attracts top…

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David Hicks Company - David Hicks, Real Estate Consulting Firm Owner

Small commercial real estate consulting and brokerage firm uses affordable GIS technology to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

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JLL Americas - Michael Startin, Vice President and Director of GIS

Michael Startin discusses how JLL Americas leverages GIS in the real estate industry and how Esri has opened the door for everyone who wants to use location data. Learn more, here:…

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Boost Your Site with Custom Infographics

Commercial real estate is becoming more competitive every day, and your customers have more alternatives than ever. Do you have what it takes to set yourself apart by working smarter, not just…

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Esri Business Summit 2016: MacKenzie Commercial Real Estate

Tom Fidler, Executive Vice President and Principal & Matt Felton

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Esri Business Summit 2016: CCIM & CCIMTECH

Carol Campbell and Chris Andrew discuss the importance of GIS to the commercial real estate industry.

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Esri Case Study: The Shopping Center Group (TSCG)

Summary: The leading retail-only real estate company in the U.S. has achieved 30% revenue growth and delivers competitive advantage to its clients with the help of Esri solutions for market…

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