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Work with Autodesk Revit Toposolid elements in ArcGIS Pro

Learn how to work with Autodesk Revit Toposolid elements.

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What's new in the 430 release of ArcGIS for AutoCAD

ArcGIS for AutoCAD v430 enables multiuser editing workflows via branch versioning and an extension that streamlines QC of CAD floor plans.

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ArcGIS GeoBIM: Upload Issues to Autodesk Construction Cloud

This video demonstrates how to upload field map issues in ArcGIS GeoBIM to Autodesk Construction Cloud and BIM 360. After issues and notes have been created and submitted using the ArcGIS Field Maps…

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ArcGIS GeoBIM: Collect Notes with ArcGIS Field Maps

This video demonstrates how to collect location, line, or area notes from the field using the ArcGIS Field Maps mobile app with ArcGIS GeoBIM. Tap the blue Add button and select the desired note type…

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ArcGIS GeoBIM: Collect Issues with ArcGIS Field Maps

This video demonstrates how to collect Autodesk Construction Cloud and BIM 360 issues from the field using the ArcGIS Field Maps mobile app with ArcGIS GeoBIM. Open the project’s field map in…

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ArcGIS GeoBIM: Enable ArcGIS Field Maps Integration

This video demonstrates how to enable ArcGIS Field Maps on a project in ArcGIS GeoBIM. Mobile workers can use the field map on-site to create issues and notes directly in the ArcGIS Field Maps mobile…

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Using Autodesk Bridge with ArcGIS GeoBIM for efficient collaboration

Watch this video to learn how to use Bridge for projects in Autodesk Construction Cloud and ArcGIS GeoBIM. See the Using Autodesk Bridge with ArcGIS GeoBIM for efficient collaboration blog post for…

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Integrating GIS and BIM for Project and Operations

Improvements to 3D capabilities in ArcGIS, direct integrations of BIM files, and cloud-to-cloud integration with ArcGIS GeoBIM enable AEC consultants and owner/operators to visualize, monitor, and…

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VolkerWessels: Innovating with GIS and BIM

Autodesk and Esri have formed a strategic alliance to bring together the power of BIM & GIS. In this video, Jeroen Tishauser, shares how VolkerWessels takes advantage of BIM & GIS integration…

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What's New in ArcGIS GeoBIM (December 2022 Release) Highlights Reel

ArcGIS GeoBIM connects teams to design and construction information across cloud systems for exploring projects and assets through a geospatial lens. Architecture, engineering, construction (AEC),…

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GIS and BIM for Resilient Infrastructure

Esri welcomes Autodesk and HDR to a webinar featuring impressive examples of GIS and BIM integration, which is critical to building resilient, sustainable, and equitable infrastructure…

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Top 10 GIS & BIM Integration Tips for Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)

Bringing geospatial context to building information modeling (BIM) data used in architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) projects has never been more important. Driven by ISO 19650…

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Bridging GIS-BIM to Design, Build & Maintain Resilient Infrastructure: Esri & Autodesk Webinar

Designing and building smarter, more resilient infrastructure requires taking a broader view of the natural and built environment. The fusion of GIS (geographic information system) and BIM (building…

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Unlocking the Value of BIM with ArcGIS GeoBIM

Short Abstract: BIM has revolutionized how we plan, design and construct infrastructure projects, but it often lacks geographic context. This year Esri in partnership with Autodesk are releasing a…

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Leverage Reality Capture Data to Make Informed Decisions Using BIM and GIS

Jump-start the foundation of a digital twin. Using the Autodesk Connector, bring BIM data into a reality capture model and use GIS technology to better plan and manage any infrastructure…

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ArcGIS GeoBIM: Combine BIM and GIS Data

Learn more at

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