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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

At the 2023 Senior Executive Summit @ Esri UC, Dr. Richard Spinrad, Administrator for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) shares how they are harnessing the use of ocean…

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Analysis for naval coastal installations

Extreme sea levels near the coast can cause severe risk to life and infrastructure while understanding and planning for these events remains a challenge. Sea level variability (SLV) is controlled by…

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Coastal Flood Hazard Risk

As flooding from sea level rise, storms, and extreme precipitation increasingly threatens vulnerable coastal communities, critical data and decision support systems for response and planning often…

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Sea Level Rise - Part 2

Creating realistic visualizations of flooding scenarios is an effective way to engage with your community and demonstrate potential impacts of Sea Level Rise, from the city to the human scale. In…

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Sea Level Rise - Part 1

Nearly 30% of the total US population lives in coastal counties. These communities will experience an accelerated rate of sea level rise over the next few decades, impacting infrastructure…

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ArcGIS to Achieve Sustainable Development

The HawaiĘ»i Green Growth UN Local2030 Hub is a public-private partnership committed to advancing the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) through locally and culturally…

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Carolyn Bennett on Planning for Sea Level Rise

Boston's GIS Manager explains how the city is using new mapping tools to stay above water. ------------------------- As the world becomes smaller, and what happens somewhere else hits closer and…

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Swipe Tool Sea Level Rise GIF

Social Media Mock Swipe Tool Sea Level Rise GIF

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Green Infrastructure for Stormwater Management

Communities in Wisconsin are experiencing more frequent and severe precipitation events that often overwhelm traditional stormwater management infrastructure and result in costly flooding damage. As…

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Multidimensional Raster Analysis

Hong Xu, Product Engineer with Esri software development, analyzes spatial and temporal patterns analysis of sea surface temperature.

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Animated Maps: Arctic Sea Ice Age Decline

At the World Economic Forum this week in Davos, Switzerland, the young climate change activist Greta Thunberg had stern words for the world’s most powerful people. Citing the work of the 2018…

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Protecting and Learning about Deep-sea Corals and Sponges

The United States has been protecting deep-sea corals and sponges from fishing impacts since the early 1980s, although protected area size, impetus for creation, fishing regulations, and mechanisms…

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Uniting Deep-Sea Corals with Geomorphology

Deep-sea corals are valuable as they create intricate three-dimensional habitats, harbor commercially important species, and serve to reconstruct past climate and oceanic condition. Yet deep-sea…

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Animated Maps: Ten Years of Sea Surface Temperatures

Sea Surface Temperature is a key climate and weather measurement used for weather prediction, ocean forecasts, tropical cyclone forecasts, and in coastal applications such as fisheries, pollution…

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E/V Nautilus

Live webcast from members of the Corps of Exploration aboard the E/V Nautilus while it was at sea in the Gulf of California, aiming to explore the geological, biological and geochemical features of…

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