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Introducing the Geodatabase Resources Hub

Jonathan and Diana from the geodatabase team introduce the new Geodatabase Resources Hub. A one-stop-shop for all of the geodatabase and data management content created by the team.

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Introduction to ArcGIS Pro: Considerations when Migrating from ArcMap

Are you currently transitioning ArcMap workflows into ArcGIS Pro? Come join your Department of Interior colleagues in camaraderie for the first in the Migration to ArcGIS Pro webinar series to…

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2023 Esri European Energy Resources GIS Conference

Promoting the 2023 Esri European Energy Resources GIS Conference in London, UK.

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Streamlining Regulatory Workflows for More Resilient Communities

Learn how GIS enables us to streamline our regulatory processes and move beyond a compliance mindset to contribute to a healthier and more sustainable future. Hear how your peers are implementing GIS…

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Tracing Applications in Arc Hydro

Tracing capabilities are foundational to Arc Hydro analyses. In this webinar presenters will discuss the transition of Arc Hydro within ArcGIS Pro, where tracing is managed using tracing…

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ArcGIS Solutions: Conservation and Natural Resources

This session will provide an overview of a set of natural resource and fish and wildlife solutions that help local and state governments conserve natural resources and promote outdoor recreational…

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Ecology and Conservation Modeling in ArcGIS

The increased availability of species occurrence records and detailed environmental data provides opportunities to better understand species' spatial use patterns, biodiversity, and changing…

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Unlocking the Power of Deep Learning Applications Using ArcGIS: Inspiring Examples for Education Webinar

Deep learning enables us to identify patterns and insights from data that were once difficult to detect with traditional methods. In this webinar, we will showcase the applications of existing and…

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ECOWAS's GIS Web Applications for Flood Hazards

In 2020 Esri supported the Economic Commission of Western African States (ECOWAS) as part of its efforts to better understand and forecast riverine flood impacts in West Africa. This video…

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Winn and Doug the Waterdrops: A Water Cycle and Wastewater Story | Official Esri Press Trailer

Follow Winn and Doug on the incredible journey of water—through the water cycle all the way to wastewater treatment and back again.Have you ever wondered where the water in your house comes…

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How does the public take advantage of your tools and data?

California Natural Resources Agency’s Deputy Director Dr. Jen Norris describes how maps can power localized conservation efforts.

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Providing access to nature

California Natural Resources Agency’s Deputy Director Dr. Jen Norris describes their efforts to prioritize community access to nature.

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Global Ecosystem Mapping

Learn about the importance of standardized Global Ecosystem Mapping and the associated resources from Dr. Roger Sayre of the USGS.

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Protecting Natural Resources with ArcGIS

Utah's Department of Natural Resources describes how Esri technology is helping them prepare for the expansion of settlements into their state's wild spaces.

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Arc Hydro: Working with the Wetland Identification Model Webinar

In this webinar, the Arc Hydro team will present the Arc Hydro Wetland Identification Model (WIM).Arc Hydro WIM is a toolset that executes a LiDAR-based wetland prediction workflow and provides the…

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GIS for Environmental Regulation

Environmental agencies are tasked with keeping our environment and communities safe from harmful pollutants. They use GIS to assess project impacts, inform policy and provide guidance, facilitate…

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