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GIS Integrates Intelligence

Esri is a trusted partner that provides transformational technologies for the intelligence community. Esri's ArcGIS platform empowers intelligence agencies with an open solution for geospatial…

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Integrating the Intelligence Enterprise

This webinar will provide valuable information for personnel at all levels within defense and intelligence organizations. Whether you are an executive, commander, technical officer, analyst, or GIS…

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Out of the Basement: GIS Pro and Intelligence

All activity occurs at a place and a time. Geography can be used as an organizing principle to help correlate information and enable the discovery of key events, trends, and patterns in our data. By…

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Military Tools for ArcGIS: Military Symbols

Military Tools for ArcGIS allows users to create military overlays in ArcGIS Pro using MIL-STD-2525D and MIL-STD-2525B Change 2. In this webinar, we will demonstrate the Symbol Editor to help…

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Integrated Intelligence to Support Operations

Join Esri to explore the value of the location platform for intelligence. This webinar will provide valuable information for intelligence professionals from multiple disciplines on using a location…

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Military Tools for ArcGIS: Distance and Direction for Analysts

In this webinar, you will learn how you can use distance and direction functionality to quickly sketch lines, circles, ellipses, and range rings on the map, in both the desktop and web environments.…

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Military Tools for ArcGIS: Widgets for Developers

This webinar will teach you how to gain access to the source code for these military tools, allowing you to embed in your project and modify as necessary. Learn more at…

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Military Tools for ArcGIS: Coordinate Conversion

You can input coordinates, quickly converting them between several common formats such as Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) and Military Grid Reference System (MGRS). Learn more at…

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Military Tools for ArcGIS: Add-Ins for Developers

Learn about existing components to extend geospatial capabilities of your program of record. Use as is or modify the source code for the tools. Learn more at…

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Military Tools for ArcGIS: Visibility for Analysts

Learn how to quickly create multiple types of visibility graphics, such as linear and radial line of sight analysis, for use in your planning process. Learn more at…

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Activity Based Intelligence: A Perilous Journey to Intelligence Integration

Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI) applies geographic thinking in new ways to help solve today's complex intelligence problems. Learn more at

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