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Tactical Operations Centers -  Quality Assurance and Situational Awareness

Operations Center staff have the tough job of managing priority areas of interest and tracking civil affairs engagements, ensuring the quality of data collected by teams in the field, and ensuring…

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Esri GEOINT Golden Ticket Winners

Esri has a legacy of Young Professional winning the USGIF Golden Ticket. In this video we showcase the 2019, 2020, 2021, and the 2022 winners and their experiences as USGIF Golden Ticket Winners.…

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Strategic GEOINT Services at NATO Headquarters

NATO requires timely and accurate information to support a rapid decision-making process. The Geospatial Section at NATO HQ has established a Strategic GEOINT picture in support of NATO HQ to manage…

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Intelligence Configuration of ArcGIS Pro

In this webinar you will see a visual comparison of what users currently see when opening ArcGIS Pro versus an example of how a configuration and some add-ins can transform ArcGIS Pro into a focused…

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Intelligence Workstation Webinar

Esri's ArcGIS provides intelligence community workstation applications and tools to integrate national imagery and geospatial information. In this session, you will learn how to improve the ease…

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Defense & Intelligence Applications

This video shows some of the ways ArcGIS can be used in the Defense and Intelligence industries. For more information, visit

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Implementing Activity Based Intelligence (ABI) workflows using ArcGIS

Activity-based intelligence (ABI) moves the intelligence process away from traditional and passive workflows and toward approaches that are targeted, focused, and driven by results. This webinar …

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Esri Smart Installation Webinar Series

Esri’s location platform improves operational readiness by linking together all aspects of a smart installation, providing shared situational awareness and improved efficiency. Staff from all…

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Tactical Operations Centers - Smarter Forms, Smarter Field Collection

Teams in the field need easy to use apps that work in connected, disconnected, and intermittently connected environments. With Survey123, teams are able to collect population assessment reports…

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Tactical Operations Centers - Overview Webinar

Esri technology gives geospatial professionals in military and intelligence organizations the power to quickly collect information, answer questions and solve problems, helping commanders make…

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Esri 2016 FedGIS Plenary: National Geospatial – Intelligence Agency

Sue Gordon, Deputy Director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, explains how GEOINT Services have made strides towards improving efficiency in how they share data. Among many examples…

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Out of the Basement: GIS Pro and Intelligence

All activity occurs at a place and a time. Geography can be used as an organizing principle to help correlate information and enable the discovery of key events, trends, and patterns in our data. By…

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Integrated Intelligence to Support Operations

Join Esri to explore the value of the location platform for intelligence. This webinar will provide valuable information for intelligence professionals from multiple disciplines on using a location…

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